Small things that have saved me time & money!

We are living in a world where there is never enough time nor money. Despite staying up later, waking up earlier, or having multiple jobs that drop in the extra pennies we need, we still feel short.

I seem to think we are all trying to do too much, and live a lifestyle most of us need to understand is just not viable. Yet, it doesn’t matter how many times we talk to ourself about cramming in to much into the day, or spending wayyy more than we should, we still find ourself doing both.

Being real here, I know we are all after the ultimate cure for both of these issues, so that’s why I thought I’d share this lil post. This won’t cure the problem, but heck, these things have for sure saved me time and money!

Primark Falsies 

Who doesn’t like having their nails done? I was always off to my local salon for the regular nail update. Whether it be a in fill, take off or re-do I was making the trip every other week, taking roughly 2 hours and about £25 a pop. When I left the salon I felt a sassy gal, since that’s what new claws feel like, but I also felt a little cheated. Since it cost me £25 (if I was lucky) and 2 hours of my time. To top it off I was actually damaging my nails!!

So I started to look for a quicker, cheaper and easier alternative and I found the primark false nails! At just £1 and 10 mins to apply I was completely won over!! I could change my style 25 times over and only have spent the equivalent to one nail trip!!!!

I am completely won over by them. My nails are much healthier, despite breaking occasionally, and it takes no time at all to pop on. Yes they do ping off every now and again, always at the most inconvenient times, but I don’t really care when they’re just one bloody pound!!

Shopping for a weeks worth of food 

We all have different shopping patterns. Some like to shop every day, pick up what they need for dinner, breakfast and essentials and be done. However, I have found it much easier, quicker and more cost effective to shop for 7 days worth of food at one time. 20 minute dash round Aldi and I have everything I need for 7 dinners, some breakfast and packed lunch for work. I can plan dinners effectively to cross use ingredients, and means I only have to step foot in a supermarket once a week – winner!!

Bulk Cooking where possible 

I really hate the idea of cooking way before you will eat it, but needs must and all. Some times when I’m finishing work and driving home, the last thing I want to be doing when I get in is cooking a long ass dinner. Yet, bulk cooking in batch, and having something pre-prepared in the fridge is the kind of cooking I like after a long day at work.

I don’t do this nearly as often as I should, but not only is it convenient its money saving too. Buying the larger packs of meat works out much cheaper, and cooking once for two days worth of dinners.

Making packed lunches 

Good old packed lunches. They really don’t have to be that boring. All in all, making a packed lunch before work saves not only money, since you won’t be buying that meal deal, but time also. Saving time in my break from popping to the shops means I can catch up on Netflix, commenting on blogs or even creating blog posts.

If you’re lost on what to have for lunches which are easy and lazy friendly, check out this blog post > A Lazy Girls Guide to Lunches.

Using a slow cooker 

Whilst it may come under bulk cooking, this in itself saves money and time, since if I am being super lazy or tired and I really don’t want to cook, I buy take away or worse McDonalds.
Using a slow cooker helps me cook throughout the day, whilst at work and come home ready to serve something straight away. The one pot stop makes little washing up, and whilst prepping takes a little time the night before or morning of, it saves me plenty of time in the long run!

I even have some slow cooker recipes coming soon for those who are interested.

So if like me, you are trying to find easy ways to save money and time, than hopefully these will give you a little indication where to start.

Have you got anything that’s saved you both time and money? 

Any pointers for me on? 

Any thoughts, leave them in the comment section! 

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