The Sport Season I can’t wait to start!!

The Sport Season I can’t wait to start!!


Not something that goes hand in hand with me to be honest.

Detest Football, can tolerate and mildly enjoy Rugby, and find Golf, Snooker and Darts questionable.

Unpopular opinion on many levels I know, but I find it hard to find a sport I actually enjoy watching, and will keep me entertained from start to finish.

So the fact I am even saying I am excited for a season of a certain sport to start is astonishing in itself!!
If you have no idea what the above sport is, or my slight obsession with it, its the NBA. In other words, Basketball!


As a kid I may have had a net that never saw a ball even fall through it, but it seems a little underlying love for the sport has always been there, kinda.

My fiancée is and always has been a massive fan. And thanks to games being every night from October till July, you can see why I have had no choice but to get involved and enjoy the game.

That being said, this is one sport I haven’t had to be so much forced into liking!

So what’s to like? 
What’s not to like is the question. With pretty basic rules, enough for me to even understand, there is so much that can happen, and will little stoppage time, you’re not left twiddling your fingers neither.
There’s even impressive plays, shots made you didn’t think was possible and dunks that get everyone upbeat.

What can I expect? 
A lot, similar to what I mentioned above. Dunks, impressive plays and sometimes a little drama since it is sport after all!! To round it all off, you will get some damn good entertainment being an america sport.

Do you need to be a massive sports fan? 
Nope!! I would happily watch a flurry of GBBO or some murder documentaries in a heart beat. But, when that gets boring, and you’re looking for some quality live action (and I’m not talking XFactor, since I said quality!), then switch on basketball.

Who’s worth watching? 
Me being a little biased, I would for sure say the Golden State Warriors. There are some fantastic players to watch, including my boy Stephen Curry who is just amazing at shooting! I love watching him play!

What makes it different? 
A lot can happen in the NBA that doesn’t happen in any other sport.

It’s also nice to watch a sport that isn’t completely driven by money! Players actually take pay cuts to work with peers, and teams who didn’t make the playoffs, get lottery picks that will hopefully progress them the next.

Since I touched on the lottery, I will quickly digest. Teams every year get lottery picks for the NBA Draft. New, young players are put into a draft every year, where teams have the right to pick from. Every team gets picks from the Draft, but depending on how well you did the previous season depends on how many picks you get. The twist, the worse you’ve done, the more picks you get, and in turn the likely hood of getting the better young players is greater.

I love this, since you get a cycle of good and bad teams. Of course, players are traded and moved from team every year, but upcoming newbies are drafted into the teams that need the help!

I didn’t want this post to be a little mundane and boring, but many people aren’t fully aware of this amazing sport!! As mentioned, I don’t usually like sport, and it would never be my programme of choice, but Basketball is a completely different ball game, pun intended!

So if you’re feeling a little curious, or in fact fancy finding something else to enjoy, give the NBA a go!!

The new season starts in 3 weeks and I am so excited!

What sport do you like to watch? 

Ever watched the NBA before? 

Leave a comment below! 

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