Uni | Five Things to do with your house-mates besides drinking

Uni | Five Things to do with your house-mates besides drinking

You’ve been at uni a good couple of months now and chances are, you’ve suffered from fresher’s flu at least 3 times over.

It’s okay, it happens and it will every year you’re at uni, despite reducing the amount of times you go out on the lash.

Thing is, since starting you’ve probably been out at least twice a week, and whilst it’s all fun and games, the constant hangover vibes are getting tedious, and the only real things you know of your house mates are from the drunken nights out and the hilarious antidotes from them.

Whilst most friendships made at uni have a drunken night as a base, it would be nice to do something other than drink copious amounts of spirits and hold each others hair back!

– Games Night – 

Everyone loves a good board game. Whether it be Monopoly or even Cludeo, it’s a great something for you and your flat mates to enjoy, banter and compete over. Grab a couple, some snacks and a couple of beer and you have a nice evening in that you can enjoy without having to leave the house!

– Movie Marathon – 

It may be nice to save a little on the pennies, so grabbing your house-mates and settling down to a good movie marathon is a great alternative to going out to the movies or clubbing. Whether is a horror movie spree or a good marathon of Harry Potter, it will give you ample opportunity to bond over something else other than vodka!

P.s, if you fancy something a little worth while, start a new series none of you have seen. Not only is it something you can all enjoy together, it will give you plenty to talk about after too!

Grab some bowls of popcorn and your favourite sweet treats to really make an evening out of it!

– Group cooking – 

We all know cooking just for yourself is a blessing and nightmare rolled into one. It’s great to decide what to have yourself, but conjuring up the energy to make a tasty meal for one can be tricky! Group cooking with your house-mates is a great way all of you get to eat a hearty meal, with little to no effort required. Plus, it’s bonding which doesn’t include too much alcohol if you just have wine to serve!

If you’re looking for some feast, Mexican food is fairly quick, easy and mega tasty!!

– Gym Class – 

As with any University campus, there is plenty of gyms you can join at a rather inexpensive cost. And many if not all of those gyms have endless classes you can join and enjoy within the cost of your membership cost.

Why not join one with your house mates and spur each other on to push yourselves and keep fit! Joining a fitness class just once a week will maintain a active, healthy lifestyle and give you and your house mates something to do together!

– Pub Quiz – 

Nothing says bonding like a pub quiz. Now this isn’t a entirely sober affair, yet it’s a great way for you all to club together, try and win something with team spirit and have some sober conversation too!! Your campus bar or even a local pub usually have a quiz once a week. Have a look round and find your nearest. It’s good fun!

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