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Hay Pals.

Since last week I updated you on the mega stress ball I have become thanks to making decisions on wedding ideas and plans, I thought it’s high time we step back to it and crack on with everything else that needs to be considered and decided when planning a wedding.

Entertainment. It’s a bloody tricky one! I’ve covered different aspects of what to think about when looking at entertainment for your guests, yet it can get rather pricey if you get carried away.
Bearing that in mind, I have researched extensively Easy, cheap and DIY alternatives available for any Bride and Groom that will keep their guests happy, and can actually be fun to make!

Because, as you get to the nitty gritty, you really want to cut costs as much as possible, and reduce stress by actually having fun with it!

So here we go : 

Photo Booth 
Super popular amongst the wedding scene, and I can completely understand why. Quirky and fun for both Bride, Groom & Guests. But it can get expensive quickly if using a company to bring in a photo booth, or the equipment for one. But have no fear, you can easily re-create one and probably make it a lot more personal too!!

There are lots of FREE printable masks and props that can be found across the web, as well as frame templates. Even better, buy a cheap large frame from Wilko or the Range and use as the frame for pictures.

Fingerprint Tree 
Whilst it’s not exactly an entertainment factor, and more a guest book alternative, it certainly is something fun for your guests to get involved with!! Grab an inexpensive print from etsy, and small ink pads of various colours and leave for your guests to stamp with their prints. Easy, inexpensive and super fun!

Record a message 
I LOVE this idea as it leaves you and your other half something to re-watch / listen to months even years later. Whether its a voice message or a recorded clip, ask your guests to leave a message verbally. Really fun for guests to get involved in, and even more fun to re-play back!

Snapchat Filters
Yep, you can get personalised snapchat geofilters for your wedding! And your guests can pose and snap behind them throughout the day! Really inexpensive and easy, it will give a quirky spin on your guests favourite social media platform, plus you’ll be able to see all your guests snaps behind the truly unique filter!!

Lawn Games

This is another super popular entertainment aspect most if not all bride and grooms are encorporating into their day. And it’s no surprise really! It’s so easy to get your hands on giant games or even classic lawn games for rock bottom prices. Popular games include croquet, jenga and even hoopla! Be sure to check out local supermarkets as they tend to do the best deals!

Table Games
This is the easiest entertainment you can offer your guests, plus works wonders as a ice breaker. Create your own personal table games, or find some gems on the web for next to nothing. I always find, as a guest it quirky and fun if there’s something pre-pared for us when we sit down to eat. It makes a easy conversation piece and gets the table talking.

So whether you are struggling for ideas on how to entertain your guests, or whether you need to cut costs but want to keep your guests occupied, hopefully this lil list above gives you a insight into the endless ideas that are out there, and that won’t break the bank!!

If you haven’t caught my other Entertainment posts, you can here – Quirky Entertainment For Your Guests.

What idea do you like the most? 

Been to a wedding with really cool entertainment? 

Let me know and comment below!! 

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