Decorating your wedding – DIY

Decorating your day is a task within itself.

No one wants a bland church, spiritless tables or an empty reception. So choosing how you decorate your venue or venues for some of you is a chunk and a half to consider.

Finding decorations you can either do yourself before hand, or easy and simple decorations that are inexpensive for others to do, is pretty darn hard work.

So if you’re finding it hard to find bits and pieces to spruce up your venue, on a budget or a little DIY, then look no further. Since I am filling a whole marquee and an outside boathouse with decorations, I have found some pretty nifty and cheap decorations that are perfect for the DIY bride.

P.s I am super excited to get creating some of my DIY decorations!!

Hanging Floral Hoops 

Whether they are hung vertically or horizontally, greenery and floral hoops are a massive trend and I can completely understand why. They can truly be stunning and added to any wedding venue!! Whether you opt for the plain greenery hoop or completely floral arrangement is completely up to you, but they are easy to achieve and on budget too!!


I saw this amazing idea on a fellow bloggers blog, and for the life of me I can’t think of who it was. However, it was one of the most stunning ideas I have seen and since been ever so in love with it!! Paper orgami birds dangling at different lengths and all different colours. Spectacular within any venue and once you’ve got the nack, relatively easy to do. Whilst it is a little time consuming.

Wild sprays of blooms 

You do not have to be a florist to make some blooms of wild flowers. And of course fake blooms can be pre-made months before the wedding and tweaked till your hearts content. Local home stores like Wilko, Dunelm Mill and The Range all do a stunning range of fake flowers that are perfect for any theme of wedding.

Pick up some inexpensive pots from the alike stores or from a local garden store to hold your wild blooms. Don’t be shy to practice plenty of times or play around with your display!! There are lots of youtube videos that can help create fake floral displays.

Floral Arches 

Another in trend is a floral arch over the entry to your venue or even within your venue. Once again this is a pretty inexpensive decoration, with metal arches being sold at wilkinsons for just £10! Whether you decorate with ivy garland and flower clusters, or with chunky floral arrangements, it’s completely up to you, but they can truly add a little extra to your wedding.

Hanging Pompoms / Lanterns 

Anything hanging from the beams of your venue, or roof of your marque is a winner in my eyes. So much can be done above your guests that can impact upon the whole look and feel of your venue.

Hanging pompoms and lanterns have been a trend that been making a impression on weddings for a short while now, and they do not seem to be falling from the wedding scene. They are so inexpensive and can be found online at a dirt cheap price. They can easily be assembled onto hoops at different lengths or scatted across your entire venue ceiling for a overall effect. Whatever way you decide to arrange them, they will truly add something extra to your venue.


You do not have to have a country themed wedding to incorporate bunting into your wedding decorations. Neither do you have to have it looking rustic. Create your own bunting with your own choice of fabric to really tie it in with your theme. There are lots of ways to do bunting too, whether by the traditional triangles or with rags of lace and Hessian. Why not get creative!

Fairy Lights

There is nothing easier than decorating with light. And it can be done relatively easily too!! Fairy lights within trees, around the bar, or even on the ceiling of your venue is a easy and rather inexpensive way to decorate your venue and add some light for the evening reception. I love fairy lights and think they not only look cute and whimsical but classy all at the same time.

I love some of these ideas and I cannot wait to get started on some of the decorations for our wedding. I don’t want to share too much but there will be plenty of DIY aspects at ours!!

What ideas do you like the most? 

Would you do a lot of DIY? 

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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