How to add light into your home – without adding more lights!

As homes get smaller, they can become darker. Natural light is so important in a home, especially when wanting a bright, serine space. But getting natural light into your home can be difficult. Lack of windows, small windows, trees or bushes blocking sunlight or even a home facing the wrong direction! Some things cannot be changed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own light sources.

But filling your home with lots of lights, or using ultra bright bulbs isn’t always the best option – plus that’s pretty expensive. Being considerate to some of your home decor choices can help aid that natural light you do have, and seep light into you home more effectively.

So, if you’re electricity bill is too high, or you want to be clever in how you’re adding light into your home, stick around, I have some pretty ingenious ideas.


We have lotssss of mirrors in our home, and that’s not because we are vain. Mirrors are a fantastic light bouncer and illusion artist in making your home look bigger than it is. Place your mirrors opposite windows and behind lamps to bounce and project the light you already have.

Wall lights

When it comes to your interior lights, you should always carefully consider the style and design for your space and home. Wall lights had once been forgotten and renowned for their classicand possibly outdated style. However, wall lights are fantastic projectors, beaming light up walls, creating a sense of space. Wall lights are a fantastic interior addition, especially for those dark hallways and narrow spaces, where space and light is hard to come by.

Reflective surfaces

Furniture pieces in your home can block light, and restrict it within your home. If wanting to create more light, choose pieces that are reflective themselves. Glass furniture or minimalist pieces are great for keeping light within your space and travelling it through the room.

Open shelving units and pieces with a little clearance from the floor can allude space and allow light to travel throughout your home.

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