Blogging | Finding your voice

Blogging | Finding your voice

 I am in no way an expert in the blogging field, neither am I in the art of written words and print.

I do however have a degree in journalism which sometimes works against my natural desire to say what the hell I want in any way I want.

I am of course talking of our blogging voice. The voice that urges you to write in a particular way, and articulate what it is exactly you are trying to say.

Throughout my 3 year degree I was often told to write as the middleman, the person without any opinion, thought or feeling towards what I was writing.  I hated it! I wanted the reader to know how I felt, what I was really feeling and how I think they should feel!

Didn’t go down well with my lecturer! Comments on my pieces often including ‘You must be more informative and less emotional!’ Urgh!!!

From there, my blog was created and so was my desire to articulate myself in the written word format.
One thing I love about blogging is the sense of the person you can receive from just one piece of text. Just reading a little something something can give you a hugeeee insight into the author behind the website. Anything from moral values, personality and a captured insight into their life.
That’s a lot of information you can receive from just one little post. It truly is magic!!

That’s why It is sooo ruddy important you put your voice across in your content! Not a imitation of you, nor a voice you have often heard on other blogs. Your very own persona is sooo much more valuable than you realise.

As humans we love interactions on a personal level. To feel the person behind the brand.

Have you noticed how many business’ on social media include real people, the workers behind the brand, and how well that works with their customers.
We all love it when a person responds to a twitter rant to a brand don’t we?
We feel like Mike from Sky has our back on this issue we are facing!
And it’s pretty similar to your blog. Your readers like to see the real you behind the smoke and mirrors of blog posts, pictures and scheduled tweets.

They like to hear from the person who gets peeved off at drivers who don’t indicate, and has just been drenched by the sudden downpour. It’s you and they love it!

It’s these little snippets of personality that will make you stand out from the rest and build a following of readers who actually care. So don’t shy away from it, relish in it. Here’s some little tips on finding your very own voice within the blogging world.

– Tweet regularly and honestly – 
Did you think Stacey was annoying as hell on GBBO? (God she pissed me off!) Tweet it! Interact with the latest Zoella exploitation effort and how you don’t agree with it. Of course, you’ll get people who don’t agree, or who offer you a bashing on social media, but do you really need those people reading your content any way?

– You’re just chatting – 
Even if it is a written post, you’re just chatting to one of your mates really. That’s how I see it anyway. Whether its a life update, or a review on a new product you absolutely adore, just converse naturally. These posts tend to read and flow much better for your readers.

– Create content you love – 
It’s really easy to get distracted by what others like to read and enjoy. If you’re not that keen on make-up or the latest fashion trend, don’t feel like you have to include it on your blog. This is your place to create content you love, and love to converse within. You may be surprised on what is popular, and everyone likes diversity.

– Be considerate – 
This isn’t just in the blogging world, but for every walks of life, and probably not something I need to explain in too much detail. Most of us on and offline are considerate anyway, but it’s much more important I feel, to be considerate online. It’s so so easy for others to misconstrued what we are trying to say, whether it be in a tweet or in a post. As always, consider what you are trying to say, and how it may be interoperated whenever posting anything online.

– Have some boundaries – 
You do not have to share everything to have your own voice!!
I am in no way suggesting you lay everything on the table for all to pick through and analyse. You are entitled, as is everyone, to have a personal life away from the online world. Set these boundaries out from the start. Whether you keep your love life, family life or work life offline, it’s completely up to you. Just remember these when being your true self on your blog or on social media.

– Prepare for some confrontation – 
 You will not please everyone and you will have people who disagree. It’s life. But be prepared. You may get blocked, un-followed or even tweeted abuse ( I really wish this didn’t happen), but again it’s the world we now live in.

– Have fun with it – 
This is the most important aspect of blogging overall. Have fun! Experiment with content, social media and your platform overall. You will learn from things that don’t work, and wonder why it took you so long to do the most successful aspects.

What do you think about your blogging voice? 
Do you like it when bloggers are more personal and chatty? 
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 
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