Blogging | Freelancers Can Beat The Big Businesses

Blogging | Freelancers Can Beat The Big Businesses

Freelancing is an extremely rewarding route to take. There’s nothing quite like having the freedom to work whenever you want and however you want. Becoming a self-employed individual means that you can reach clients on a solo basis and reap all the rewards through doing so; you don’t have to share the profits with people others you’re doing all the work. And wherever there’s demand for a skill, there’s the chance to make money. Something that you see as nothing more than a hobby or an unfulfilled talent could have huge business potential.

You might find yourself there now. 

You’re tired of the 9 to 5 desk job because you might not always get to do the work you want or earn what you could be earning, whether the industry allows you to pursue your talents or not. But there’s nothing stopping you from going solo. You don’t need a full team to create a business in the modern world. Any individual with an internet connection can become their own boss and make a living online. 

It’s time for you to start seeing the business potential of your talent. Here’s how to beat the big businesses.

– Work on your brand image –

If you want your business to be as big as the competitors then focus on the thing that really counts: brand. As consumers, we find it hard to differentiate between businesses offering the same or similar products and services. Think about the number of internet providers out there, for example. How do you choose which one to go for? You base it on the branding. Whichever company markets themselves the most effectively is the one that wins. You need to use that motto within your own business. Work on building up a good reputation, as we’ve discussed before. Use existing clients to lead to new clients; referral schemes can help with this.

You might also want to check out sites such as for virtual office services. Whilst you may not feel as if you “need” a big team to turn your business into a successful empire, that doesn’t mean the illusion of a big team can’t help. You could use a virtual office to help spruce up your brand through a city premises that can serve as your company address. Branding is all about imagery, at the end of the day. There’s no saying that you can’t make your one-person business look as impressive as your big competitors. Obviously, you need to follow through on your image. If you promise a full-scale professional operation then outsourcing customer service assistance to remote professionals might be the help you need.

– Learn how to manage finances –

Like the biggest businesses in the game, you need to have your finances in order. Making a profit is only part of the equation when it comes to being a successful freelancer. You need to think of ways to cut costs so that you have more money to invest into your future business. If you want to expand your solo empire, whatever the service you offer, you’ll most likely need money to make that happen. As suggested over at, you might want to look into an accountant to help you manage your money. Reducing expenditures in both your business and personal life could help you be more successful as a freelancer.

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