Are you blogging for the right reasons?

**Newsflash** Blogging doesn’t give you a never-ending stream of new products or cash flow. Nor does it guarantee a lifestyle of late nights, lay-ins and surfing the web in the way of a ‘job’. It’s not ‘easy’ and doesn’t just happen over night. It’s not something you can ‘learn’ and there is no easy how-to guide you can follow to guarantee success.

If this is why you are blogging, stop. Stop Now!

I can only imagine how many ‘youngens’ are in the wings dreaming of youtube and blogging fandom. Thanks to the rise of Zoella and many alike, a new breed of bloggers and vloggers are being born, and I feel under a false pre-tense. How many of them will just start filming and writing and believe after a few years, they’ll be on par with Zoella and Alfie earning big bucks and living a life of luxury.

I can also imagine how many adults disregard the real pressures and dedication blogging takes. Also, disregard the talent it takes to engage and relate to enough people to actually make a success and income from a blog/youtube account.

I don’t need to preach to the converted here on what it takes to be a blogger. But here’s what to expect and what you need to ask yourself if you’re doubting it, or even considering it yourself.

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It’s hard work

Andddd many would say that is understating the true workload of running and creating your own blog. Planning, prepping, producing, posting, promoting. It’s all the p’s that are needed to even get slightly noticed in the blogging sphere. There are hundreds if not thousands of fellow bloggers doing similar if not the exact same thing as you. You will be working endless hours even after your part-time or full-time job.  You will be questioning why you even do it when you’ve taken 10+ flat lays and still not happy. But, as long as you are doing it because you enjoy it, and not for financial, fandom gain, it will be worth all the hard work.

It will take investment

In time, energy and money. You do not need to have a glamours lifestyle of 10 holidays a year, nor a wardrobe and make-up area Kendall Jenner would be jealous of. I stand by my statement that many ‘big’ bloggers who are only relate-able to the filthy rich, are only big because we are a species who are naturally nosey! Nothing more. You will part with some dollar when being a blogger. It may be for a new photo background, props or just a new lippy because you’d like to review it. You can make it as expensive or inexpensive as you like.

You will not be top dog

Whilst you could do exactly what Zoella has done and hope it will work for you, chances are it won’t. As with everything, thinking of the new, upcoming out of the box thing will make you stand out and a chance in being successful. If you believe just posting a couple of posts every week will get you to the top, it’s not worth considering blogging as an avenue for you.

There’s no such thing as freebies

Honestly, there’s not! You will not be sent a item just because they’re feeling generous. You will be expected at least to feature it somewhere on your blog, on your social media accounts and more. You will have to promote that product in every way possible, and you probably won’t get paid on top of the gift to do it. Nothing in blogging is free and it works both ways. Many companies will try to take the biscuit. Know your worth and stand your grounds. Companies who pay you for your content know how valuable it is, and they’re worth working with.

Money making takes time

No one I know goes into blogging because they want to make a shit-tonne of money. That’s because you are bloody lucky if you make any! Some of us do, but not a considerable sum that gives us a free ticket to self-employment and an apartment in the city!! If you take on blogging and realise it’s everything and more you want from a long-term career, then great. But be aware how much of all the above is needed to make enough to even cover your rent. It’s not a race, so there’s no rush. But if you’re here to make a quick buck, you’ve chosen the wrong thing completely!

My advice to anyone looking to get into blogging, or considering keeping it up, would be to forget the numbers. Forget the numbers of followers, likes, clicks, views, comments, paid opportunities, etc etc!  

If you keep your mind on the numbers, rather than the passion behind what you are doing, you will loose all essence and pride in your blog.

Whilst it’s nice when those numbers begin to rise and grow, focusing on them alone can be disheartening to say the least.