Blogging | Where are we going?

Blogging | Where are we going?

Truth : I have been blogging for quiet a while and have never felt a more clear path than now!! 


You’re probably reading this because you feel I may, or may not, be able to tell you where in the hell this self created industry is heading. Newsflash, I dunno, soz.

Butttt, what I do know is how many bloggers, like myself are feeling and working towards.

We all want success, there is no denying that. However, what we measure success against seems to have taken a hugeeee leap in a fair small space of time.
Huge youtubers and bloggers seem to be rocking the boat with overpriced products (we all know that youtube and their stupid advent calendar), events and more. And once upon a time, all fellow youtubers, bloggers and influencers were all wanting to be there, at that stage of success.

However, I don’t know about you, but I feel a slight shift in expectations and desires from the vlogging / blogging world.

Gone are the times of daily vlogs, content and activity on every platform imaginable. Smaller, more positive and creative content have become a reality, along with a interaction much more natural from the blogger / vlogger towards their audience.

It seems may of us are finding our own voice and own way of doing things, rather than this rigid routine we believe will create success.
Many bloggers are now backing away from the multi platforms and sticking to what they really love and enjoy, channelling all their energy into one pot, instead of spreading themselves thinly across multi-layers.

It’s now clear we do not need to have every finger in every pie. And I myself am relishing in the content I create on my current platform. Many a time, I have been tempted to create a youtube account, post vlogs or even post podcasts. For a short while I truly felt I was missing the boat and limiting myself in the blogging community without youtube. So many had created their foundations on blogging, and exceeded goals on vlogging. I was certain it was the way forward.

But with some bloggers making headway on blogging, and steering clear from vlogging, I can’t help but think it’s personal prefrence and the prefrence of our target audience. I’m not a youtube person, I do not just turn on youtube instead of the tv, I like reading. I like the literature from someone else describing their thoughts, feelings and more.

I have witnessed many bloggers take a step back from the vlogging world, and resort to instagram stories and for me, thats perfect! I love the little snippets from their behind the screen life, and I will be encorporating my very own instagram stories in the next few months for sure!

As with anything online, it seems no-one for sure knows where it all is going per-say, but I can feel the change with how bloggers and vloggers work online, and certainly in the age range of bloggers, like myself, who are seemingly sticking to print-based content. 

I know where I will be staying put!

Where are you going with your blogging ?
How do you feel with where blogging is going? 
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.