Botanics | First Impressions*

It’s been a while since I have even discussed anything mildly related to beauty or skincare.

Not through lack of trying or from lack of interest, just since going make-up free, I don’t really have much to rave about.

That was until a lovely little bundle of Botanic products landed on my doorstep and well, I have to tell you my first impressions.

I have been using these products for just over a week now and I am already really impressed with them. Here’s what I have been trying and how I’m getting on.
– Face Scrub – 
The only face scrubs I have ever used were for the purposes of clearing my skin from pimples and spots. So to say I was sceptical was fair. However, I am pleasantly surprised how it left my skin. After just a few uses, every evening when I have a shower, my skin feels fuller, firmer and softer. I will also say, all Botanics products smell amazing and I even after a couple of hours, I can still smell the product.

I am excited to see how my skin will feel after several weeks of using this product.

– Cleansing Solution – 
I used to be a avid user of cleansing solutions like Micellar water from Garnier. However, after my pause in using make-up, my use of cleansing solutions has also ceased. Since being sent this product, I thought I would use it all the same, every morning and evening as advised. And I will mention, I will continue to do so, whether I’m wearing make up or not. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed, and that’s with very little product used.

Once again, it also smells amazing!!

– Toning Spritz – 
I love a good spritz. I love how light they feel, and how even they are across your face. I have been using this product straight after the cleansing solution, and just before the radiance balm. It certainly leaves my skin feeling fresher and well prepared for the balm or any moisturiser I feel like using!

– Illuminating Radiance Balm – 
I always worry about putting ‘too much’ on my skin, so after the cleansing solution and spritz, I was worried about how my skin would react to a radiance balm too. As you probably know, I am on a no make-up hitus lets call it, so I was excited to see what this did to my skin alone. And surprisingly, it left my skin feeling smooth and visibly even with a glow. I was so impressed with just one use, I have used it every day since. It really has given me more confidence wearing my own skin!

I haven’t really given either of the two moisturisers a try yet, simply because I am loving the radiance balm so much I just stick that on straight away.

My skin is super super sensitive. I have often said how spotty it can become, despite edging towards my mid twenties!! Yet, this combination of products and the sheer organic aspects of these products have restored my faith in skincare, and maybe just maybe my skin can cope with some kind of product!

Have you given Botanics a go?

Anything you would like to try? 

Let me know and comment below!! 

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