Christmas | Places you probably hadn’t thought to shop for pressies.

Christmas | Places you probably hadn’t thought to shop for pressies.

Christmas shopping.

It can be the bane of life at the best of times. Especially when you have a gift list as long as your arm, and you don’t know where to start let alone shop.

Every year we all try, come what may, to get our nearest and dearest the best presents on the market and ones they will cherish and remember for years to come. Well, at least I do!

I love giving gifts. Especially ones I have thought long and hard of, hunted for or stumbled upon and thought of that special someone and how much they would love it.

There is also the task of finding something useful, yet unique and something they may never have thought to get them self, not even considered or not realised its something they need. That right there is the perfect gift!!

But where on earth can we find such gifts, without spending too much time doing soo. Whilst we all love our high street stores, some time they don’t cut it for the above present I just described.

So I have, rather niftily compiled a list of shops you may never have even considered to shop in this Christmas for that one of a kind, unique gift.

And don’t worry, not every one on this list is one you actually have to visit, there are some on-line gems in here too!!!

– Etsy – 
Is there anything better than a home made gift or small independent store reaping the rewards of the festive season.? And what’s better, you can find some truly unique and individual gifts that can reflect personality. There are sooo many products you can find on Etsy, that your family and friends will enjoy and cherish. Anything from a personalised necklace, bracelet, print or home piece. I find the most unusual prezzies on etsy and my family and friends always comment on them! This is my first place I hunt when shopping for that difficult person, or when I just want something different!

– Antique Stores – 
Last year, me and my fiancée delved into many antique stores, looking for cute little keepsakes that we can add to our own home. We ended up purchasing a fair few presents, since some pieces were soo stunning, and perfect for family members.
We plan to shop in antique stores this year too as sometimes it’s nice to find presents others would either not find them self, or purchase otherwise.

– Not on the Highstreet – 
I have often headed on over to not on the highstreet to find inspo and 9/10 always purchase something from here. I find it sooo easy to navigate, with pages full of prezzies ideas if your a little stuck. You will always find something to suit anyone, so well worth a look.

– Christmas Markets – 
Every city up and down the country has a Christmas market full of stools packed with little nick knacks mostly handmade and not something you would find in your run of the mill highstreet store. I love poking round Christmas markets as I always find little bits to add to peoples presents!

– Homesense – 
There is always a reason to go to Homesense, and Christmas is certainly one of them!! For your mum who loves a good candle, your sister who needs some new home pieces, or your dad who could do with a nice new cookery set, this is the place to go. We are always finding the most perfect home pieces, and there is nothing better to give your parents, or your first time buyer sister, than something cosy, warm and perfect for their home.

Where do you go hunting for your Christmas prezzies? 

Anywhere I need to try? 

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!