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Food | A Lazy Girls guide to hosting

Food | A Lazy Girls guide to hosting

Tis the season for hosting multiple friends and family!!!

It’s the time of year where most if not all weekends on the run up to Christmas includes wining and dining with some long distant relatives or even family friends in order to celebrate the upcoming Christmas period.

Whatever the occasion, or style, hosting can be a blast. And a little stressful sometimes, if you’re not prepared.

I always find the lazy way to do things, even when it comes to the likes of hosting. Here’s some sure things to do to make hosting a doddle, in lazy girl style.

– Easy Dinner –
Let’s not make it harder for ourselves with giving us a meal which takes multiple hours, pots and pans! Not only is it more washing up, it makes it bloody stressful juggling food timings, guest entertainment and your sanity!
Stick to the easy, no fuss meals that everyone enjoys!

Spag bowl, Lasagne, fajitas? Make it easier on yourself by making it a pic’n’mix style with bowls and dishes in the middle of the table, ready for guests to serve themselves!

– Shop bought desert – 
You’ve already done the hard part, so let the shopping do the rest. There is no shame nor hurt in purchasing a good old Tesco Apple crumble, Black forest gateau or even a classic like Cheesecake. You may be surprised, your guests may even suggest contributing the desert!

– Serve the bottle – 
Don’t give yourself some added pressure of ensuring your guests are well watered, let them do that themselves. Leave the bottle on the table for your guests to help themselves and even pour you one too!

– Nibbles in a bowl – 
If you want to fill the void between guests arriving and dinner, leave some nibbles for your guests to munch through before the main event. Not only does it keep their tummies from growling, but it gives them elsewhere to gravitate, than under your nose in the kitchen!

So whether you are hosting for a pre-Christmas dinner, or infact hosting for Christmas, hopefully these little tips will help with the pre-host stress! 

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