Home | Adding light into your room, without lights!

Home | Adding light into your room, without lights!

It’s so important to have a room with plenty of light. Natural and artificial light that makes any room workable and enjoyable whatever time of the day or year.

Getting the light right in a room is one of the hardest things to nail, and when you get it right, it can transform the feel instantly.

But lights aren’t the way to bring light into your room. Here’s a couple of other ways to bring light and bright vibes into you room.
– Paint – 

Of course this is the most obvious and effective way to make any room brighter, even when the lights are out. Light shades and colourswill transform any room from a dark space to a bright and light escape. On trend and very lightening are soft greys and mustards. 

– Mirrors – 

This is the easiest and most effective way to add light into any room. Good sized mirrors reflect light as well as the illusion of a extra window. They can even make your room seem bigger!!

 – Light Furniture – 

Sounds fairly obvious, but light furniture in the right rooms and setting, will make any room seem bigger, brighter and lighter. Go for white, pastle or birch furniture, and if you can a glossy effect. This will reflect the light you do have as well as create more

– Laminate Flooring – 

Whilst carpet is many’s first choice for flooring, epecially in bedrooms, laminate flooring is very lightening to any room.  The reflection it offers, and the lines to the floor it creates can create the perfection illusion of large space and light. Light laminate flooring of course creates maxium light. 

– Reflective Accents & surfaces- 

Door knobs, sockets, coffee tables ect. It all makes a difference. If you’re not wanting to re-vamp and purchase new furniture, splashing in small reflective accents like decorative plates and bowls can do the job. Be sure to consider spray painting with bronze and rose gold to upcycle and keep on trend!

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