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Your bathroom is a room that you use multiple times a day, especially if you’ve got a combined toilet and bathroom. Many people fail to see the appeal in making their bathroom more presentable because it’s a personal room that’s likely to only be used by the residents of the household. 
But what happens if you’ve got a friend over or a family member to stay a few nights? Will you be embarrassed at what they would encounter? 
Here are some bathroom must haves for every new homeowner that will leave you proud of your bathroom and enjoy being in there a little bit more.

 – Mirror –

You’d think that this would be a bit of an obvious one, but many people don’t have a sufficiently sized mirror in their bathroom. Even if you’re only nipping to the toilet it’s likely that you will check your appearance out while you’re washing your hands.

Make sure that you’ve got a decent sized mirror on the wall so that you can easily groom yourself, and so that guests won’t feel out of place when using your bathroom.
– Working taps –
It’s not an unlikely scenario to walk into a bathroom and discover that one of the taps isn’t working – and it’s usually the hot tap. If this is the case in your home, call out a plumber to come and fix the situation so that you can have two working taps. Remember that’s it’s always best to wash your hands with warm water to help eliminate germs after using the toilet, or even cleaning your bathroom.
– A easy to use shower –
There’s nothing worse than staying at someone’s house and trying to work out how to use their shower. If you’ve got an old temperamental shower, then consider buying a new unit and having it fitted. Not only will it be less daunting for your guests, but it will make your showering experience much nicer too!
– Soft closing toilet –
It’s horrible when you’re in the bathroom late at night and you stand up forgetting that the lid shuts loudly. Consider adding a soft close toilet seat to your bathroom for peace and quiet during the night. You can shop the range of soft closing toilet seats from the Roper Rhodes shop, and see which one suits the style of your bathroom.
– Storage –
Finally, adding storage to your bathroom so that you can hide any personal vanity items like sanitary towels and medication will prevent you from any embarrassment when people come to visit. It also means that your bathroom won’t be littered with lots of different products like shampoo, conditioner, soaps and even bath towels! Shelving might be an idea for you to consider too!

Try these simple ideas for your bathroom and see how much of a difference it makes to the room and more importantly, how much prouder you feel about showing off your bathroom.
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