Home | Turn Your Wasted Spare Room Into The Hub Of Your Home!*

Home | Turn Your Wasted Spare Room Into The Hub Of Your Home!*

Do you feel like your spare room is kind of going to waste? 

There’s a pretty good chance you do, and it’s an issue that a lot of people find themselves facing. You might once have had pretty grand plans for what you intended to do with your spare room, but over time it either ended up being neglected entirely or become little more than a dumping ground for stuff that you hadn’t yet found a suitable place for. 

Well, things don’t need to be that way. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort, then you could easily get far more out of that room. Here are a few simple things that you can do to turn your spare room from a waste of space to the hub of the house.

– Kit it out –

If you want to get the most out of any room, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that it’s kitted out with everything that you need to make it a usable space. If you want to turn your home into the kind of space where you, friends, and family want to hang out, then why not think about kitting it out with things like a TV, bar fridges, games consoles, and anything else that can turn your space unique to the rest of your home. There’s nothing quite like having a place in your home where you can just get away from everything and enjoy yourself for a while.

– Light it up –

Of course, no one’s going to want to spend any time in your spare room if it’s constantly dark and dingy. Make sure that you keep the room as light as possible. During the day, make sure that you’re not preventing any natural light from getting in. In the evening, make sure that there are plenty of lamps all around the room so that you can keep it exactly as light as you want, depending on the kind of mood that you’re trying to create. After all, a movie night needs a different mood to a board game night.

– Keep out the cold –

No matter how awesome your spare room might be, no one, including you, is going to want to spend any time there if it’s constantly one large ice cube. Make sure that you have double glazing installed and that the room is properly insulated. Spare rooms can often become cold because of the lack of traffic that they see on a regular basis but as long as you put the heating on at least now and then and you’re using it often enough, you spare room should stay toasty and warm as much as possible. Make sure blankets and throws are easy to access for snuggle down movie nights to make it extra cosy and toasty!

Even if you decide not to make your spare room into the central hub of the house, it’s still nice to know that it has its own purpose and that it’s not just going to waste. Giving that room a dedicated purpose really can make a whole world of difference.

Do you have a use for your spare room?

Have any tips to make it a multi-functional one?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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