Five Things you need to watch on Netflix NOW!

It really is peak Netflix and Chill season.

It’s dark before we even get home from work, it’s nippy out and all of a sudden, however much sleep we get, it’s never enough. Energy levels are at a all time low, and well we need activities that require minimal if not no effort!

And so Netflix and chill is the peeeerfect activity.

On a week day, or over an entire weekend. It will not disappoint. And we have plenty of  ‘not to be missed telly’ just waiting for you to click and watch.

So grab your cuppa and sink your teeth into these 5 things you NEEED to watch on Netflix NOW!

– Confession Tapes –

I LOVE a good crime drama, real life documentary series, and this is it. In one bundle. Hour long episodes of real crimes, with real people who have wrongly confessed to a crime they didn’t commit. Gripping, gruelling and utterly shocking.

It’s a series you do not have to indulge hour by hour, but certainly is a series you can dip in and out of inbetween other series.

– The Crown –

Yep, I have mentioned this before, but I will again, since it seems not many have been one to give it a go. What is better than a series from behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace and Downing street?
Eye opening, gripping and will complelety give you respect and love for the Royal family and the Queen. 

– Stranger Things –

You’ve probably heard so much about it, and maybe like me, you hadn’t watched it straight away. Thing is, you’re missing out, big time. Bite the bullet and settle down to give it a go. Tied with horror, science fiction and admittedly a little weird, it certianly is in a category of its own. But its lined with slight comedy values and some bloody good characters and soundtracks.

I promise it will not disappoint. I am currently just 4 episodes in and hooked!! Get started on it now!

– American Horror Story – 

I have a mad crush on everything and anything to do with American Horror Story. I have mentioned this show countless times I know, but honestly it’s on of my all time favourites. Every season is a different horror story. From a haunted house, asylum, coven and more, there is always a scare around the corner. The cast are superb, story lines are fascinating and you will never be disappointed.

Watch, watch, watch!!

– Black Mirror – 

This is one of the best shows I think I have ever watched. Gripping, strange and really rather scary. Not scary on a American Horror Story level, but on a ‘oh my god this could be the future’ kinda way. This is a fairly old series, and if you haven’t heard about it, then where have you been?

Find all series on Netflix now and catch up on the series sure to blow your mind!

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