Another Five things that will save you money!

Since the last post went down such a storm ( it can be found here encase you didn’t manage to catch it), I thought I’d revise it a little and add some more ways you can save a little cash this month.

We are all guilty of over spending every now and again, it’s refreshing on your bank balance and your piece of mind if you can save a couple of pennies every now and again.

 – Walk –
Don’t ditch the car all together, just be a little open to walk instead of jumping in the drivers seat and starting the engine. Small little journeys can be more costly than you think and eat away at your fuel. By cutting out half of your small, meaningless journeys from your routine, you can save a heck load of fuel and money. Plus, your legs and bum get a little more workout too!

– Make lunch –
I am so bloody guilty of this. I don’t get up early enough, or can’t be asked to be put some chicken in a sandwich that by lunch I’m running to my local corner shop for a fatty meal deal and some extra snacks. £3 doesn’t seem all so bad, but at 3 times a week, you’re really starting to eat into your extra dolla.

If you’re lazy, catch up on my lazy girl guide to lunches just here. Make your own lunch to avoid the quick meal deal runs!! 

– Carry a bottle of water – 
Sounds silly and bloody simple but there are many of us, when we are parched nip into Tesco’s and grab a bottle of something to get us through. Make sure you have a bottle of tap water from home for those must need a sip emergencies.

– Connect to wifi –
There is nothing more annoying than realising your are using your 4G when you have just scrolled through a weeks worth of Facebook updates and watched 10 odd videos of cats looking cute.

Make it a habit to check for Wifi hotspots, or make sure you have connected to your pre-saved wifi connections. Logging onto that wifi can save you lots of money on your monthly phone bill and will ensure you’re not left in the lurch when wanting to surf the web on your phone.

– Put on a jumper – 
 Now winter has fully made an appearance, as with the hard frost I found on my car this morning, it’s very very easy to turn the heating on. I’m not saying you should freeze your tits off and avoid the heating for this winter, but instead of racking up the heat or switching it on, put on a jumper, fluffy socks or snuggle under a blanket. Keeping the heating on for minimal time, or at a lower temperature can save you lots of penny’s in gas bills, so bear it in mind.

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