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Travel | Indonesia Travel Tips*

Travel | Indonesia Travel Tips*

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and with cities like Bali, Jakarta and Tangerang and all they have to offer, it’s one of those places that everyone should make an effort to visit at least once. 

I mean it’s worth it for only the orangutans and Komodo Dragons alone! However, if you do plan to visit the country, there are a few things that it would be helpful to know…

– Stay in an Apartment –

There are some luxury hotels in Indonesia, and they are great to stay in if that’s your thing, but apartments, as you can see at https://rumahdijual.com/tangerang/apartemen-alam-sutera, are abundant and affordable and they are quite often located in quieter areas, which if you’re staying in a a city like Bali or Tangerang can be quite a boon if you aren’t the partying type! They’re also great for increasing your privacy so that if you are the partying type, you can keep it going for as long as you like.

– Women Should Dress Modestly –

A lot of people think that Indonesia is pretty liberal, especially when it comes to things like dress because they’re more familiar with tourist traps like Bali where modesty really isn’t an issue. However, if you’re heading out to many other locations, especially the more rural and remote one’s, it’s probably sensible to dress a little more modestly than you might otherwise. Nothing bad is likely to happen to you if you don’t, but if, for example, you wander around in a mini-dress or tube top, you’re likely to draw attention, and the locals won’t be shy about taking your picture. So, if in doubt, show a little less skin than you might on your average sunshine holiday.

– Drink Bottled Water –

If you’re in Indonesia, then you should always have bottled water on your person. If you drink the local water, or even many of the fruit and vegetable juices available, especially if they have ice too, then there is a very good chance that you will get sick. You should even brush your teeth with bottled water while you’re there, then you can enjoy the sights like Mount Bromo and Ubud Monkey Forest instead of spending your whole trip on a bathroom floor. If you pay attention to nothing else on this list, then pay attention to this!

– There’s More to Indonesia than the Tourist Traps –

So many people who visit Indonesia never travel further than Bali or Ubud. This is such a shame because Padang has amazing food, Tangerang is home to the very cool Citra Raya Water World Park, and the even more remote regions are great places to spot orangutans, Sumatran tigers, and all kinds of other amazing animals, birds and fish. So, don’t play it safe.

– Use Public Transport – 
Wherever possible, when you’re in Indonesia, you should either use public transport or have someone local drive for you. Why? If you think the road users in your town are bad for speeding, cutting you off and generally not adhering to the highway code as you’d expect, then you’ll be shocked by the ways Indonesians drive. They literally seem to have no rules at all, and what’s more, if you’re a woman, you’re likely to get beeped at A LOT because culturally, many Indonesians still think that women drivers are not the best!

– Haggle –

Indonesia is pretty cheap, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t haggle. Almost all Indonesian vendors and business people are open to haggling and you can get some really good deals by doing so. That being said, if you do get good service, giving even a small tip could mean the world to the people serving you – a small tip could literally pay their rent for several weeks.

– Keep it hidden –

Of course, it’s also a good idea that you should keep your cash well-hidden because there are a lot of poor people around, and although most of them are wonderful people, there are always chancers who will seek to either rob you or seriously ramp up the cost of things when they know that you have lots of money on you.

– Live It Up –

Because Indonesia is so cheap, as you can see from the travel guide at https://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-guides/indonesia-travel-tips/, you should absolutely let yourself live a little while you’re there. Getting a massage, having your nails done and visiting an amusement park with your whole family for the day might well cost you less than the price of a modest meal out back home, so there is absolutely no reason to avoid activities and experiences that you might think are too expensive, because they most probably won’t be!

– Be Prepared to Disconnect –

Indonesia is by no means as developed as the UK, which means there are lots of places where you won’t be able to get access to wi-fi. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase a local sim card before you head there.You should also be prepared to possibly be disconnected completely unless you can find a payphone, if you’re heading to a more rural location. Most places will be fine, but it’s worth remembering that you might not be able to contact people at all times.

– Mosquitoes are Ubiquitous

There are A LOT of mosquitoes in Indonesia, and that means that, if you don’t want to cover up completely all of the time, then you need to ensure that you pack some mozzie repellant before you fly out. If you’re going to be spending more than four weeks in the country, you might also need to have yourself vaccinated against malaria. Ask your doctor about that before you travel.

– Talk to the Locals –

Talking to the locals and getting involved in their traditions and community events as much as you can is a great idea. You shouldn’t be worried about doing this because they are on the whole, a pretty friendly group of people who always take an interest in foreigners, and if you can learn enough of the language to get by, it will really enhance your experience.

So whether your planning a trip, or already got your flights booked, I hope this lil guide will ensure you’re well prepared for a gorgeous time in Indonesia!!

Have you been to Indonesia before?

Got any tips that should be added?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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