UK : What to expect

It’s often thought we Brits live in castles, drink tea and know the Queen personally! This great misunderstanding many believe is usually built upon ideas from American TV shows. Whilst many of us Brits would like to drink tea all day( Who wouldn’t!!), not many of us do!!

So to set the record straight, or if you’re planning a trip to Britain and you don’t know what to expect, here’s everything you need to know before you arrive!!

Drive on the left

I think we are the only country that still drives on the left-hand side! It’s fairly confusing driving a foreign country as it is. Road signs, markings and laws can all be very different from home, let alone driving on the opposite side of the road.

Driving on the left is a custom that goes back to medieval times. Most people were right-handed and so would keep to the left on their horses, leaving their right hand free to bear their sword when needed. Several years later, when a horse and cart was used, it made more sense to switch to the right so most countries started to adopt the practice. Driving on the right was gradually adopted by most countries in the world but the British Empire didn’t switch over, resulting in many old English colonial countries still driving on the left.

We’re not too good with Languages

As a nation, we are pretty lucky when popping across to a foreign country. Most people even abroad understand and speak British.

Unfortunately for others, we tend not to return the favour when people come over here!

As a nation, we’re pretty awful at learning languages, mainly because there’s less focus on the second language in schools. So it’s wise before any trip, brushing up on English.

There’s A Big Variety

We maybe perceived as a little country, which may be correct to a certain degree. But, what we lack in size, we make up for in variety!

There are many places across the country that have their own distinct personality, varying considerably from place to place.

No trip to England is complete without a visit to the capital – London.

With plentyyyy of tourist attractions, there is something for every visitor. But don’t think you need to stay in the capital for variety nor tourism!

If you head up north to cities like Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool, you’ll find a completely different atmosphere to what you’ll find in the capital.

Northern cities are known for their friendly, relaxed atmosphere, plus they tend to be cheaper too!

If you’re desperate to visit a good, traditional stately home, there is plenty to offer across the whole nation that will teach you a thing or too about British traditions and culture.

What do you find is often misunderstood about Britain?

Do you want to know something about the UK before you visit?

Let me know, and comment below!

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