Wedding | How a Bride to be feels – 9 months to go.

Over the last year and a half I have been banging on about all the little bits and bobs that make up a wedding day. All the things a soon to be Mr & Mrs have to think about to make the day as special as possible. From centre pieces to invitations, bands to games. All of these little pieces of the puzzle are what make up the big day itself.

I do love chatting and discussing all these aspects, of course I do. But man can it be tiring. As I have mentioned many a time, and many Bride to be will explain, there is sooo much to think about, these can all become a little trivial when thinking about the bigger picture.

Likeeee, getting married, committing yourself to one person, and admitting in front of all your closest pals and family that you love this one person, and you will do so for the rest of your life.

Pretty big stuff to be honest. Some would argue, bigger than the idea of a centrepiece or colour of your bridesmaids dresses.

This is how I am feeling. Andddd it’s taken a solid 14 months to realise this.
A solid 14 months of wondering and running with ideas of decorations and entertainment and colour schemes to realise these really are teeny tiny aspects of the day.

Going forward, with just 9 months ahead before our day, I want to be focusing on the important aspects that are planning a wedding.

Like making sure we have the money, and that everyone is having a good time, including ourselves. I want to be as creative as possible and create bits and bobs unique to our day, but have fun with it also.

When me and my fiancee sit down and discuss our wedding, which isn’t that often, I smile more when we contemplate the speeches and the horrific first dance since I can’t slow dance for crap. I smile at the idea of him waiting up the aisle and possibly just slightly scuffing up his vows. I also smile at all our friends and family being together smiling for long periods of time as we try and have our pictures taken. I am excited to read the guests words of advice after, and the kind of mischief we will all have once we have had a couple of glasses of champagne.

Whilst in pictures the centrepieces may look gorgeous, I would muchhh rather having a laugh with my mum and friends whilst we are trying to make them. I would much rather have friends and family gathered round a bottle of wine, laughing and joking at the appalling self made flower arrangement that will be placed in the toilets. That to me will make me smile as I look round on my wedding day at what we have created.

And last but no means least, over the next couple of months I want to prepare myself for being a wife. Because damn I want to be a good one. The kind that supports their husband like they should, and lean on them when they need to. Me and my fiancée often talk family, houses, holidays and jobs and it’s safe to say we are megaaaa excited to start life as husband and wife. I am more excited for the free cash flow and the places that can take us (like Disneyland, hopefully).

So whilst I do want things to look pretty and nice, I’m past creating the Pinterest worthy venue and ceremony. As long as my fiancée meets me at the bottom, and our family can witness, I don’t bloody care what colour the poxy roses are!!!!

It’s okay to want a nice day, but I would much rather a stress free lead up and take the expectation of perfection out of the equation.

Are you getting married soon? 

How do you find wedding planning ? 

Any advice for me ? 

Let me know in the comment section below!!
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