In Wedding Planning, The Devil’s In The Details

As you know, I have been planning my wedding for a fair while now. Over a year in fact! It’s a hard task to say the least!

Whilst it may not be a Wednesday, and I have posted a wedding post fairly recently, I have often been asked how on earth I manage to plan a wedding, around a full time job and blogging.
The honest truth….hard work with early starts!
If you and your partner are thinking of getting married, you yourself are probably starting to wonder how on Earth you can find the time to plan it all. 
Everyone struggles to find the time, and although it might seem impossible it is actually not too hard to ensure you plan it properly.
As with many other things, the details are what really matter. It’s important the day feels like yours, completely unique to you and your partner and carries real personality. As long as you have paid attention to many of the details of the wedding, you can be sure that the day will go off without a hitch. 
I’m going to run over some of the details in particular which you might need to focus on in order to ensure a fantastic wedding day.

Something that you are likely to need to think about quite early on is the colour theme. Knowing what colours you are going to have in your wedding is hugely important, since it ensures that the overall theme is in keeping with everything and anything to do with your big day. 
However, you might be a little surprised at just how difficult it can be to decide on the right colours. Chances are, you and your other half will have some kind of relevant colour of interest which can be used. If not, consider your venue and colours it carries in it surroundings. Failing that, think of the flowers you will be using and the colours the include. 
Once you have sorted the colours, the rest of the theme will follow suit and in turn, planning will become lots easier.


Sometimes, the smallest details are actually some of the most important as well. The perfect example of this is the rings you and other half choose. You’ll want to make sure you both choose a ring that suits you, each other and other timeless jewellery you wear day to day. This alone can take time, but there might be smaller details on the rings too which you want to think about. Perhaps you would like some tacori wedding rings from Whiteflash, owing to the intricate designs they tend to have. Or maybe you are thinking of having them inscribed, to make them really special. Whatever you do, just make sure that you are both happy with even the smallest elements of the ring design.

Playlist |
It’s just not a wedding without any dancing, and as it happens the choice of music is going to make a huge difference as well. As long as you get the playlist right, you can be sure that the dance floor will be plenty filled. If you want to make sure that everyone enjoys the music, a nice touch is to ask in the invitations for one song request each. This will ensure that everyone will get up and dance at some point or another. The music is the kind of detail can that make or break the day, so it’s wise to pay attention to if you are keen to keep your wedding as good as it can be.
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