Twenty Seventeen | A Review

 Can I be honest with you, I really thought this year was going to be a blip. One that didn’t hold much in the way of activity for me and my fiancee. One that I would be glad to see the back on because nothing ruddy happened.

Since sooo much did happen in 2016 for us, including moving into our first home, getting a new car and getting bloody engaged, we both felt 2017 would be the tough year of nothing but waiting and saving for the following.

In many ways it has been. Watching the pennies to a certain extent, no wild holidays nor activities and pretty much prepping, planning and preparing for a huge party called a wedding.

Yet, there was also a lot to be proud and happy from in 2017, so much so I have managed to fill a whole post about it!!

Hold your horses and grab a brew, here’s what 2017 entailed for me, and why it wasn’t so much so a ‘blip’ year.

Wedding planning – done – kinda… | First and foremost, most if not all of the wedding is kinda planned. Wedding dress bought and home, bridesmaid dresses in storage and all plans are set in stone.

The next 6 months or so will include the finer details and making lots and lots of decorations, but the last 12 months have really included much of the prepping for July 2018.

We have concluded on much of the plans and know exactly what the day will entail, we know just need to pull everything together in time for the day itself.

Blogging a go | In the last 12 months I have really grown and fallen in love with my blogging. My enthusiasm to create engaging and proactive content for my growing following is at a all time high, and I am sooo excited for the direction I am heading.

I have gained paid for content, as well as ample of amazing opportunities with brands. I am sooo excited to see what 2018 will hold in terms of collaborations and I am more determined than ever to gain some real pennies from my little blog.

In just the last couple of weeks, thanks to blogmas, I have even started to love the photography aspect too! I have created a makshift back drop for pictures and invested in some vital resources to make my blog shine amongst some amazing fellow bloggers.

My 2018 goals without doubt include some blogging targets and hopefully 2018 will be the year for change and growth.

Job stabilty – check! Mental health stability – check! | If you checked in on some of my earlier posts of 2017, you may know I changed jobs in May. Since graduating I have not settled within a job for longer than 12months, and despite changing career paths in November 2016, the role I landed had to come to an end in May 2017.

My mental health was being severely affected in ways I didn’t know was possible and for the first time, I found myself suffering from anxiety. I realised the hard way, that jobs can be terrible and fragile aspects of your life, and it was important for myself to get out of a role in a company I honestly believe to be toxic.

The change in May, whilst one I was unsure of, turned out to be the best thing for me. I have completely turned my mental health around and find myself enjoying every aspect of my life, including my job! I can’t even begin to imagine how I coped for 6 months in that working environment!

Adulting – ongoing | This year with everything that has gone on, I felt we have really grown into the every changing adulting world. Whilst most of what has shaped us isn’t exactly ideal, we have come out the other end, just, and I really feel I can take on anything adult life throws at me. But I would also like nothing to cock up over the coming 12 months, cos your girl took on rather alot in 2017.

Love | And finally, love. Whilst 2017 wasn’t the year I fell in love per-say, it sure has been the year of love. I live every day besides my fiancée, and although he can drive me up the ruddy wall, every day I fall more in love with him. This year has no way been the blip year I or he expected, it has been the year that confirms more than ever how ready, and excited I am to walk down the aisle and commit.

Andddd that’s pretty much it folks. Nothing too drastic has happened here, but as is said, nothing major can spark every year, and to be honest, I’m glad. 2018 will be the year of change for sure, and the last 12 months has only sparked me more energy and enthusiasm to grab it by the balls.

Hope y’all have a lovely New Year!