My Christmas home with Amara*

Like most of us, the second November 30th turned to December 1st, the Christmas tunes were blaring and the trees were being hauled from its resting place!

Truth is, I have been listening to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra the week for December 1st, but shhh.

Christmas decorations are the pure exception of buying endless amounts when quiet simply you don’t need it! As the years go by, we tend to grow and grow our collections of Christmas Deccy’s and let’s be honest, it’s bloody exciting, it really is.

Last year I packed away a tree and some small Reindeer inspired figurines. Today I have much much more. How? With a little help from some gorgeous on-line retailers selling timeless Christmas pieces that will compliment any home this time of year.

I am of course talking about Amara!

Since I believe I have perfected my Christmas look in my apartment, I thought I would share a few of my favourite pieces and snaps of our home.

Our Tree 

My fiancée is very lucky to have a talented auntie who dresses Christmas trees for a living. With her back ground in the work, we managed to bag ourself this gorgeous, rather real looking artificial tree. Every year I forget how big it really is, and it tends to swallow baubles. Year in year out I feel like I need to buy more!!

Along with the tree we inherited some of the gorgeous gold decorations including the bows. With the grandeur of our property, we decided to incorporate a gold and bronze. Most of our decorations on our tree are from last year.

However, I grabbed these stunning glass baubles. They are sooo dainty, pretty and work so well on any tree, whatever colour scheme.

I am sooo happy with these baubles and truly fell in love with them as soon as I received them!

Mini Trees 

One tree is not always enough, and so I love purchasing further trees, in whatever format, to include across the home. Amara had such a gorgeous range of unique and quirky Christmas decorations, including trees, I was desperate to incorporate some across our apartment.

What I love about both of these, is they’re not too flashy. I love how rustic they are, and they really suit the home we have. What’s even better, it doesn’t distract from the main tree, nor make your home feel like Santa’s Grotto!

Little Accents | 
Decorations are also about the little bits. Stockings hanging, reefs and garlands where-ever possible. All gorgeous accents that add a little more to the home. These gorgeous, rusty reindeer are a lovely addition round our tree. So rustic and perfect for any home, and once again not too much!

Any candles, any time of the year can transform every home. But at Christmas, its sooo important and can really add warmth, and scent to a home. If you know me, you know I love a good candle. As well as a candle holder too. This gorgeous, mirrored candle holder caught my eye immediately. So pretty and reflecting, it makes any candle even warmer and inviting.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Amara for their products. The quality is truly superb and I can honestly say I will be using all of these as key pieces in my home for many years to come!!

What are your favorite pieces? 
Anything you will be grabbing? Let me know, and comment below!
* These products were sent to me for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.