Blogmas | A Christmas Playlist

Blogmas | A Christmas Playlist

Blogmas post number 2 for today, since I was a very bad blogger and neglected my duties yesterday.

The worst thing is, this is probably the easiest blog post I can do! *Facepalm*.

But let’s crack on shall we.

You may believe you have found the perfect Christmas playlist, and maybe you have.

But you won’t know until you have listened to what I believe is the best one yet!

Complete with old, new and classic Christmas songs, it will keep every generation festive throughout the run up and during Christmas!!

Whilst I love the classic’s of Crosby, you can’t beat some of the more wacky and not so traditional tunes to get you into the festive spirit. With instrumental pieces, as well as true classics, there is sure to be something for everyone with this playlist!

So here it is, the playlist featuring over 50 of my favs, including some from movies, including Harry Potter!!

If like me, you’d much rather a endless flow of music for Christmas day itself, here’s some Youtube Live streams to get playing and enable you to just sit back and relax.
Are there any tunes that I should add? 
What do you listen to on Christmas day? 
Let me know in the comment section below!