Blogmas | A Christmas Present to me from Cohorted*

Hay pals, miss me?

As you well know, Christmas has been and gone, sad face, yet there is still a air of Christmas to be felt. Especially when you are still yet to fully indulge and unpack presents, nor play or use them. Just like me!

It‘s even better when you have been sent some gorgeous products to make you feel a lil better for the onslaught of January. It’s like a little gift to me!!

If you caught the last box I received, you would know how much I enjoyed all of the producs. I honestly didn’t know how it could better. But once again, cohorted have surprised me to the max with stunning products for their December box!! Here’s a sneak peak on what it included!

Becca shadow & light brown contour mousse |

I have really become fond of sprucing and filling in my brows, so when I found this within the box, I was sooo excited to give it ago. Thankfully, the product colouring is a perfect match for my dark brows, so I could jump right in. What stunned me the most with this product was how lightweight it was against any other brow products I have used. I have never used a highligher shade against my brows neither, so was a little dubious at first. Yet it makes my brows totally pop without looking unnatural. I think this maybe my new go-o product for my brows!!

Emerald city eye shadow pallette – Cargo Cosmetics |

I have to say I have never heard of Cargo cosmetics, and I am not one to be too fussed for a eyeshadow pallette neither. But yet again, Cohorted have not only opened my eyes to a brand unknown to me, but a product I never knew I needed. The shimmer shades are absolutly stunning and perfect for upcoming parties, just like New Years Eve!! If you’re looking for a new brand and eyeshadow to try, give this one a go!! 

Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner (mini) |

I have used eyeko products previously and funnily enough, it was a eyeliner.
Honestly, its the best eyeliner I had ever used, so I was wondering how this mini would compare. And once again, cohorted have outdone themselves and given me a product that trumps everything I have ever used. The brush glides over my lid, and much like a felt-tip, it’s so easy to use and direct. It makes applying eyeliner a dream. I will not look anywhere else than Eyeko for my eyeliner needs for sure!!

Tarte tartiest glossy lip paint |

I love a good lip colour but haven’t nabbed a new lip gloos in yonks. I have been know to grab a lipstick as I feel gloss doesn’t give you a perfect coverage or shade. Plus, sticky lips is just a no no. However, as soon as I tested this one, just on my hand, I truly felt the difference in this product I hadn’t felt from other glosses. The shade of pinky-brown is utterly stunning and perfect for any occassion. With a slightly matte finish, and minimum stick, this is my new found fav for my lips! 

I am utterly stunned by the products I recieved in this months Cohorted box. I didn’t think they could do much better than their november edition, but they continue to surprise and please me with their product selections!!

You can grab yourself a subscription just here is you fancy some gorgeous new products each and every month throughout 2018.

If you want to know what I received in november, check this post here.

Have you ever tried any of these products? 
Are you tempted to grab youself a cohorted box? 
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