Blogmas | Filling that Christmas lull

It pains me to say it, but we have to admit. There is no longer a day left in December where Christmas is associated.

Granted most of the month doesn’t, but we have no officially entered that Christmas lull between Boxing Day and New Years Eve.

None of us know what to do with ourselves and how to use this precious time wisely. Honestly, we are all bummed Christmas is over and we would much rather go back to this time last week.

But go on we must! So here is some little nuggets of advice on how to use this time with family and friends wisely, and get you out of that pre-christmas downer!!

Go to the cinema |

There is never a better time to go to the cinema and soak up some blockbusters. Its the prime time for some absolute golden films that are guarenteed to blow your socks off! Be sure to visit your local cinema in the lull between Christmas and New Years.

Binge on Netflix |

If you don’t fancy leaving your pjs or the comfort of your sofa, there is nothing more fitting that watching a tonne of Netflix under a blanket. You may not have had time over the busy period to finish that series, nor start the latest hit. Grab some hot chocolate, or bubbly if you’re still feeling festive, and binge! Here’s a few series I have been hooked on in 2017!

Experience Christmas |

There are still plenty of ways for you to experience a bit of Christmas, even after the day itself. Visit a local city, view the lights or watch a panto to continue the spirit of Christmas way into New Year. If you’re stuck on some of the things you could experience, have a look at my earlier blogmas post for ideas.

Break Away |

Now Christmas is dying down, and with little to no commitments till New Years, now is the perfect time to break away and catch your breathe. Whether it be somewhere in the UK, Europe or further afield, now is the time to get some winter travel miles away from home. For ideas on where you could head to for a couple of nights, in and out of the UK, catch my blogmas post here. 

De-clutter |

Before the New year is the perfect time to de-clutter from 2017. Physically or mentally, either or both works. De-clutter from all the post and general you have a accumulated over the year to feel physically ready and organised for the new year ahead. Mentally de-clutter from the crap from 2017, and be sure to clear through anything on social media you would prefer to leave behind.

What are your plans in the time before Christmas and New Years? 
How do you feel after Christmas? 
Lemme know and comment below!!