Blogmas | Having the most perfect Christmas Eve

Over the last couple of posts I have expressed some activities you can incorporate into your festivities. Whether it be on Christmas day itself, the lead up to the celebrations, or for the aftermath of Christmas, I have hopefully given you plenty of ideas of how to make this year different, or future ones too.

I love Christmas, but I love trying new things as well as seeing everyone I care about as much as possible. Sometimes with large families, it can be incredibly hard to see everyone to celebrate. So I like to try and see everyone either on Christmas eve, Christmas day or Boxing day.

So for me, the real festivities start on Christmas Eve itself, which I love because it really makes Christmas feel as long as it should be. Here’s a couple of things you could do to have the most perfect Christmas Eve!

Grab your pals |

Your friends are sometimes the last people you see over Christmas. Family time takes over and there just isn’t enough time to see them. Grabbing them for a couple of bevvies on Christmas Eve could be the perfect compromise, and gives you some down time with them ahead of the Christmas madness.

Go out for dinner |

This is the perfect way to eat on Christmas Eve, especially if you’re the one cooking on Christmas Day. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a Spoons will do. But it will give you a chance to relax over some dinner with your other half or even those family members you won’t get to see. Plus it gets you out of the house!

Have a take-away |

If you don’t fancy venturing to a restaurant, why not bring the food to you. A good greasy kebab or curry can be a great treat just before the Turkey dinners packed with veg and gravy! A take-away is a great compliment to a Christmas film and cosy down!

Go to the cinema |

This was a long standing tradition of my family, to pop to the cinema on Christmas Eve and watch the latest Christmas Blockbuster. It was the perfect way to get out of the house, see something new and spend time as a 4 ahead of Christmas and Boxing Day. Highly recommend as a Christmas Eve tradition.

Have a quiet one |

Maybe you are after the calm before the storm kind of Christmas Eve. Close the door, put on your pjs and watch a film with a class of wine and curry. And that can be equally perfect. Many of a year have me and my fiancĂ©e spent it alone and it has been utterly perfect. If you’re looking for some gorgeous pjs to go with your quiet night in, check out this post here.

Whatever you decide to do this Christmas Eve, I hope you have a jolly good one! It is the real start to Christmas after all!