Blogmas | Not so Christmas films you have to watch this season!

Blogmas | Not so Christmas films you have to watch this season!

Hey, I am all for a good Christmas movie, of bloody course, butttt, there are only so many that are actually decent enough to watch year in year out.

Whilst the fuzzy warm feeling you are left with from a Christmas classic like Elf or The Santa Claus Movie is all nice, some films just scream Christmas, without even being related to the time itself! So here are some of the manyyy films that may loosely include a sprite of Christmas, or not at all, but are still well worth the time to watch this time of the year.

The Wizard of Oz |

Is it even Christmas if this ultimate movie classic is not on your telly sometime during the festive period? I don’t think I have gone a single year without watching this, and it’s not even christmassy in the slightest. Yet the warm, festive, family feel shines on through and makes it one of the films I have to watch sometime when in December.

Die Hard | 

It’s probably one of the most well known non-Christmas christmassy films out there. Packed with so much action, it will knock your socks off. A Christmas is not complete without a binge on Die Hard and plenty of Bruce Willis!!

Narnia | 

The fact this isn’t really a Christmas film, is pretty unbelievable!! It has a slither of actual Christmas involved, but snow and talking animals have all the feels of Christmas! One favourite that I often forget this time of year!

Gremlins | 

Another real classic of Non-Christmas christmassy films. Confession, I have never seen the whole movie since it used to terrify the living daylights out of me as a kid. Maybe this is the year I will finish it!

Ice Age | 

Anything with snow, ice and yet again talking animals are all you should seek in a Christmas movie. Including those that again, do not include Christmas in the slightest. This is my childhood in a movie and there is nothing nicer than settling down and watching with family at Christmas.

Harry Potter | 

The first and only first instalment of Harry Potter has all the feels of Christmas. Fairly light-hearted, compared to the rest of the movies, it’s soo warming to watch this time of year. Is there anything better than Hogwarts in the snow? NO!

What’s your favourite non-christmassy Christmas film? 
Let me know in the comment section below!