Blogmas | Places to weekend this Christmas

Blogmas | Places to weekend this Christmas

Even in December, when the excitement of Christmas and prospect of  Christmas shopping gets a bit too much, we all seek a good weekend away.

Whether it be to shop, relax or sightsee, December is one of the most perfect months to experience and enjoy some gorgeous cities, villages and attractions.

Despite being just 7 days away from the big day itself, there is still plenty of time to nip out, and enjoy a couple of days away from home.

I’ve collected some gorgeous places worth considering for a break, whether it be for this year, or next!

In the UK 

Winchester | I love Winchester, and have only been at Christmas time. Being so close to my old uni town, I would often venture for the light switch on and more. It’s such a cosy, cute and historic town. Packed with festive markets and quaint coffee shops, you can shop and be merry all day long. If you’re looking for a romantic, quaint town to spend a couple of days away from home, this would be the first place I would venture to.

London | There is nothing better than the good old capital for a break away with your other half. Spend a little time finishing off your Christmas shopping, as well as explore and be a tourist. London is so pretty at Christmas, it should be one of the first places you consider for a break.

Edinburgh | What a gorgeous city to visit at Christmas time. The perfect city in fact. Explore the castle, stalls and Christmas lights. Consider even spending New Years Eve in the city and celebrating in the castle. A stunning city to spend Christmas time, and celebrating with your other half.

Outside the UK 

Paris | Is there anywhere so romantic and close to England, than Paris? I would pick Paris over London any day, thanks to the bustling Christmas feels and endless sights to adore in the bitter chill of December. If you’re looking for a quick pit stop away in between Christmas and New Year, make Paris your destination. Ps, it’s only a stone throw from the most magical Christmas destination, Disneyland!

New York | I don’t think there is a plenty better suited for the winter and Christmas! Sightsee through the city, skate in central park, and enjoy Christmas festivities whatever time of the day. It’s a dream to be in NYC for Christmas itself, but any day throughout December is just as perfect.

Rome | Whilst Paris and New York may be the fairly obvious choice for many, Rome is equally romantic and Christmassy during December. Wander round the historic sites, whilst settling for coffee and pizza. Perfecto!

Whether you fancy a quick pitt stop before the festivities, or wanna fill the void of Christmas – New Year, one of these magical destinations could be the perfect break away you are looking for! Next year I intend to break away from home and experience somewhere new for Christmas!

Have you ever been away over Christmas? 
Stopping off for a quick break away? 
Start some natter in the comment section below!