Blogmas | A quick ‘What I recieved’

Blogmas | A quick ‘What I recieved’

Honestly, I am not one to usually promote my gifts and what I received. Yet, I was given such amazing, quirky and amazing gifts, I just had to share.

I love recieving those bits you absolutly need of course, but sometimes it’s nice to recieve those bits and pieces you had neither considered nor even knew exsisted. And my fiancee is a absolute pro at doing this!

Personalised Starbucks cup |

I am the biggest starbucks fan, so my fiancee was a class A gem when he bought this one. Personalised with my pet name ‘pookie’, I will always have a cup for starbucks and recieve a discount on every visit! I am eager to get a latte just to take a good instagram pic!!

Game of Thrones & Stranger things tees |

My fiancee alwaysssss gets me a quirky tee of some sort every year, and this year included my new fav show Stranger things & Game of Thrones. They make me smile and laugh and I can’t wait to sport them with skinny jeans and jordans!

Personalised bangle & necklace |

I LOVE JEWLERY. I love recieving jewlery for Christmas too. So to recieve a couple of new pieces from my fiancee made my Christmas truly special. He had a lil help from me a couple of months ago, but I was utterly surprised all the same opening these pieces on Christmas morning. Aren’t they just perfect!!

Waffle Maker |

It was only a couple of months ago that I raved about waffles and how amazing it would be to have my own maker at home for sunday brunch. My fiancee’s parents must have been a fly on the wall, since me and my fiancee opened up a truly stunning quad waffle maker! I am sooo excited to get making, and experimenting with all things sweet and savory.

Wind up Harry Potter musical box |

This is by far the my favorite and quirky gift I recieved. And yet it is utterly perfect for me as a hugeeee Hazza Potts fan! You may have seen ads for these on facebook, but its a wind up music box that play the main theme upon turning. It’s literally mesmerizing and makes me smile every bloody time. So so perfect!!

Earrings |

I haven’t worn earrings in so ruddy long, I’m surprised my holes haven’t closed and vanished. So to recieve not one by two pairs was so lovely. One pair was again from my fiancee. He completed the real set with some stunning pink danglies.

My parents surprised me with some gorgeous silver studs with the intention of being worn on my wedding day. It was such a surprise and thoughful gesture, I can’t wait to wear them in 7 months time!

Suitcases |

My parents have been absolute babes and grabbed me and my fiancee a set of 3 suitcases for our Honeymoon in July. They may not be the most exciting gift of all time, but they are not only suitable but utterly needed if we want to visit Thailand with more than just the clothes on our back!

Pictures and picture frames |

Me and my fiancee loveeee a good picture for our home. And once again we have been spoilt with pictures and picture frames. We were even given a large picture of NYC in the snow, one we had been eyeing up for a good couple of months. I can’t wait to get them up, just got to find the perfect place!!

Chocolate, and lots of it |

Is Christmas really complete without copious amount of chocolate to gorge and enjoy between chrismas and new year? NO! We have plentiful which is completely necessary as we enjoy watching Christmas movies and catch up before reigning in the new year.

Whilst this is not a complete comprehensive list of everything I or we recieved, it’s the main bits and pieces that we utterly spoilt with. As always, we are still surrounded with presents we are yet to put away, and both of us are just enjoying relaxing on the sofa under blankets.

My real question is, how long can I get away with drinking Bucks Fizz every morning from 8am?

How was your Christmas? 
What did you recieve? 
I’d love to know, so share in the comment section below!