Blogmas | Some Christmas traditions you might want to sport

I love me some good old Christmas traditions. The type you may have just started last year but you intend to sport for the next 30 odd years.

Yeah those.

But traditions do have to start somewhere, so if you’re lacking in some, here are some mightly good ones you can trend at Christmas’17.


New Christmas Pjs on Christmas Eve |

There is nothing better nor cosier than brand new Pjs for Christmas eve. Even better for when you snuggle down to watch a Christmas movie before heading off to be. Make it your Christmas tradition to grab you and your boo some brand new Christmas styled pjs for Christmas eve! And be sure to only wear them on Christmas Eve!

If you’re stuck and need some help, check out my post here for some gorgeous pairs you still have time to nab!

A Christmas Movie |

This ties hand in hand with Christmas Eve. Make it your new tradition to watch a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve night. Whether it be the same Christmas movie every year, or you spice it up with a different one every year, it will give you the time to cosy down with a snowball and blankets before the madness begins that is Christmas Day!

If you haven’t already, check out my not so Christmas, Christmas movies you should watch this year!

Bucks Fizz at breakfast |

Honestly, it’s not Christmas if I am not up at the crack of dawn with some bucks fizz on hand. It’s a must for me and should be for you. Light to taste and only acceptable at Christmas, bucks fizz is the perfect beverage to consume throughout the 2 days of Christmas, counting Boxing Day of course!!


A Christmas Stroll |

This is a tradition I would like to start this year, since it can become a little stuffy over the festive period. Some of us just don’t get out of the house if we are hosting, and even if we do, it’s for a short car journey to a family members house. So getting out and about for just a stroll is such a great way to spend Christmas, and a time to blow away the cobwebs as it were. It doesn’t have to be a long one, just long enough to breathe in non-wrapping paper, turkey and pigs in blankets fumed air!


Christmas themed baking |

Making some scrummy treats for you and your family to enjoy can be so fun to do on the lead up to Christmas. It’s not until I turn on Buble and start baking, that I truly feel festive and excitement for the upcoming days. I always seem to make the same treats, but this year I intend to make some different selections, including some hot choco in my slow cooker!! You can find plenty of Christmas themed bakes across the web, and be sure to check back in, in a couple of days for recipes on my festive bakes!

So why not make 2017 the Christmas that you try some new traditions, and a new approach to Christmas as a whole.

What traditions do you like to stick by at Christmas?