Blogmas | Super Christmassy things to do this week!

Just seven days to really whack up the Christmas spirit and prepare for the big day. Christmas comes around jolly fast doesn’t it??

I have been slacking in recent days on blogmas posts, and now we are just one week away until I get my chops on some Turkey and stuffing, I have a new lease of life to encourage you, and me, to get you through the next week in true festive style!

If you have caught some of my blogmas posts, you will notice a recurring theme of filling your December with festive joy. Here’s some things you should do this week, even for a hour or two after work to get you mega prepared for next week!

Christmas Carol Concert |

There are endless towns and cities hosting carol concerts all this week, so it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to get in the spirit with classic Christmas carols and mulled wine!

Go to Church |

It may not be everyone’s first choice of activity over the Christmas period to venture into church, however there is something about a Church service under a dull frost and starlight is just magical and festive. Whether you attend the one off, or midnight service on Christmas eve, it can surely leave you feeling festive, warm and joyful.

Venture to the pub |

If you are neither a concert goer or church enthusiast, the pub is the next best thing. Grab your pals, and meet in the pub for a few. There is nothing more festive than meeting with friends, over a few and celebrating Christmas.

Christmas Markets |

Grab some late prezzies, or just enjoy some mulled wine, hot chocolate and German delicacy whilst mooching and mingling amongst Christmas markets and stalls.

Ice Skating |

Whether you can skate or not ( I am the latter for sure ) Ice skating is the perfect winter / Christmas activity to get you out the house and feeling the buzz of Christmas. Wrap up warm in layers of scarfs and coats and fumble around on the ice. Nothing better than making a tit of yourself just before Christmas!

A brisk walk |

Ideally on a Frosty morning to really feel like a white Christmas is upon us. Whether it be a real hike, or a short venture across the landscape, a lovely winter walk can blow away the cobwebs, clear your mind and prepare you for the madness ahead. Plus, its the best opportunity to really wrap up and chin wag with your other half or pals!

Bake |

There is nothing more festive than getting covered in flour whilst making home-made gingerbread or mince pies. Grab the apron and make some home-made goodness that all your family will enjoy over Christmas. If you’re not a Mary Berry in the kitchen, have no fear as there are plenty of packet choices in your local supermarket that will taste just as good. Keep eyes peeled as I share some of my fav bakes for the festive season in the next couple of days.

So, if like me, you seem to have lost your festive steam, these little activities will hopefully get you back on track for being mega excited and prepared for next week!

How festive are you feeling ?
Will you be doing any of these activities this week? 
Let me know and comment below!