Blogmas | The first of many!

Blogmas | The first of many!

Hay, pals, did you know it’s only the start of BLOGMASS!!!

Blogtober was just a practice run and I feel this is the real deal!

So to kick start Blogmas ’17, I have my very first newsletter that went live this morning!!

Don’t panic, you can still get your hands on my exclusive newsletter content by subscribing here.

Just to give you a little knowledge into my very own newsletter, I’ll share the fellow bloggers, posts and more that have got me excited over the past month. I’ll also share exclusive content and news to just you, my subscribers!!

But this post is not all about my newsletter, but the coming content you can expect from my blogmas’17!

Well, to kick things off, this is the first of 2 POSTS today!

Yup, you heard me.
Since we will all be getting our tress out this weekend, and some of us will be making a mad dash for baubles cos we feel a sudden urge to change our tree colour scheme, I thought I’d post a super helpful post at 12pm on how you can get your tree to glow this Christmas.
I’ll let you know what decorations you need to have, and what you need to ditch for that perfect pinterest worthy tree!!

So what else can you expect from Blogmas on A life of a Charlotte? Here’s a little insight.

Nippy Night warmers | Perfect for Christmas

A Christmas playlist | Because Christmas needs the perfect playlist

The Perfect Christmas Gift | Because we all like finding the perfect gift!

Christmas Jumpers 2017 Edit | For all of those who need a new one again this year!

A Christmas Day Out | Even through Christmas, we need a day out!

The perfect Christmas Scents | Everyone needs the most perfect scent for Christmas morning!

DIY Christmas Decorations | Add the personal aspect to your home with these DIY goodies!!

And many many more!!

I have even scheduled in some non-christmas related posts for some days on top of the blogmas posts. I know how overwhelming and stale it can be having soo much Christmas content, plus I can’t wait till January to post!!

I have some Blogmas slots available, so if you have anything you want to see, be sure to let me know in the comment section below!!