Blogmas | What to do this Christmas day, besides eat!


Christmas day.

The day we wait all year for to truly relax, eat and be merry.

In between opening presents, glugging prosecco and munching on Turkey, what more is there to do?

Well, if you want to add spice to this Christmas Day, or do something a little different, here are some family orientated activities you might want to consider.

Take a stroll |

There is nothing better than walking off that turkey and stuffing you piled on your plate. Refrain from the afternoon nap and soak up some fresh air. It doesn’t have to be a long one, just stroll down the seafront, amongst the forrest or round the local town. It will give you time to stretch those legs and natter with your mum!

Play some board games |

It’s not Christmas without some good old family rivalry over a classic like monopoly of cluedo. You may not have dragged out your games for years, or you may have just been given one by your good old grandma. Gather the family and indulge in a game or two with a cold glass of wine and nibbles. It will make a lovely change from the drone of Christmas TV!

Complete a puzzle |

Maybe games aren’t you bag, and honestly you would like to feel a little more accomplished with your Christmas. Completing a puzzle is bound to kill a hour or two and often drags in those family members who groan in regard to them. They’re a crowd pleaser and time consumer perfect for Christmas!

Stick on a movie franchise |

Whilst personally, I don’t tend to watch much on Christmas day itself, there is something about sticking on either a classic film, or one you haven’t sat down and watched in forever. The best bit is, they don’t have to be Christmas related. I love watching some good old Harry Potter over Christmas as it always feels so warming, especially the first one!

What do you tend to get up to on Christmas Day? 
Something I should give a try this year? 
Let me know in the comment section below!!