Blogmas | When your ordered gifts are damaged / faulty*

It’s the busiest time of year for parcels to be shipped left, right and centre to be given in time for Christmas.

We only hope that they come in time for December 25th, and some how, most of them do – Phew!
Yet, there are times when what we ordered arrives, and it’s not what we expected. Whether it’s damaged, faulty or not what you wanted, there comes a feeling of sheer panic, especially being so close to Christmas.
But what do you do? There now won’t be something to give?
Have no fear, I have a guide on how to deal with damaged and faulty gifts.

Report the damage / mistake | 

Mistakes and accidents do happen. But that doesn’t help when you were really banking on giving the gift in just a couple of days. First things first, be sure to report the damage to the distributor and who you purchased from. Take pictures and either drop them a email or give them a call.
If you’ve bought online and cannot find contact details, be sure to check out Customer Service Guru. They can direct you to online store contact details including wowcher.  They can even help and guide you on customer service and discount codes!!

Push for next day delivery on a replacement | 

It’s not too late to get something damaged sent to you in time for Christmas. Notifying them swiftly will give you the opportunity to push for next day delivery for your replacement. Some companies will even send out the replacement before you send back the faulty product. Stand your ground and express this was bought as a present.

Send corresponding information | 

If you managed to speak to someone on the phone, than bloody well done. It’s not often you get to speak to anyone on the phone. However, whether you managed to catch them on the phone, or not, its always best to follow up any correspondence with all the information and proof you have, including a picture. This will make it harder if the company are refusing liability or replacement.

Chase Chase Chase | 

If you are not getting an answer or response, in writing or on the phone, do not back down. As I have previously mentioned, accidents do happen, but you have purchased a product you expect to be to receive to a satisfactory standard. Be sure to keep on top of them to receive either a new product, refund or compensation.
* This is a collaborative post with customer service guru. All words and opinions are my own.