Blogmas | Winter Wedding Guest attire

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk wedding in December, yet here we are 3 posts later and another that seems really rather fitting.

A Christmas wedding isn’t one many of us have been to, if ever before. If it wasn’t hard enough to choose and decide what to wear to a wedding already, paired with nippy weather and Christmas festivity, no many of us have any hope on ideas on what to bloody wear!

This single outfit has to offer comfort, warmth and romance, without seeming to casual, or to Christmas Party Glitz!

With all that to pack in just one outfit, I have created this little list of gorgeous outfits I have found from some of my favourite on-line retailers that will be perfect for any Christmas / Winter wedding over the coming weeks!!

A Maxi-Dress |

A Maxi-Skirt | 


A Jumpsuit | 


A Midi Dress |    

Have you ever been to a Christmas / Winter wedding? 
What would you wear? 
Start some natter below in the comment section!