Christmas Winter Warmers

There certainly is a nippy chill in the air.With winter right on our doorstep, and autumn left for dust, the onslaught of colder days and nights is truly upon us.I don’t know about you, but I much prefer getting warm than cool, and that’s thanks to some of these amazing night warmers I will be creating this winter!

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Slow cooker Hot Chocolate

I found this recipe on Kate’s blog and I will say, it sounds easy and fantastically tasty. I’m even considering making a batch for Christmas day. It’s the perfect winter warmer to leave for guests to help themselves to some home-made hot choco!

Spiked Coconut Vanilla Steamer

Sometimes, just sometimes, a little alcohol is needed, especially in the cold weather. And where better to start than some good old rum. I stumbled upon this little recipe on my travels of research and my god, I am sooo excited to give it a go. I know my dad, a massive rum fan, will be sure to enjoy it too!!

Frozen Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

It really is a contradiction, a frozen hot chocolate, isn’t it. But the sound, and look of these are too good to be true, I need to give them a go this festive season. Whilst this post may imply the warmer the drink the better, I can’t help but think this is an exception. 

Slow cooker spiced White Hot Chocolate

Just like the slow cooker hot choco above, I am really considering white chocolate may just be the way forward. I haven’t always been a massive fan of white chocolate, but this has me salvating at the sheer thought. Maybe a batch of both slow cooker hot choco’s is what I will have bubbling away this christmas.

White Spiced Coffee

I love a good autumnal coffee, especially one I can make from home, and pretty easily too! Not only does this look and sound good, there’s not a endless amount of ingredients neither! The next time I want to take a trip to starbucks, I’ll be sure to jump and make this first!

Anything take your fancy from my lil list? What winter warmers do you make this time of year?

Let me know and leave a comment below!