Christmas | Getting your tree to glow with decorations

Christmas | Getting your tree to glow with decorations

It’s the first official Blogmas post from me! And it’s an important one.

Decorating your Christmas tree. Some hate it, I for one LOVE it!! Christmas is not complete without a stunning tree to gather around. It’s even better when you step back and take a look at the masterpiece you have created! That, I think, is when it’s glows.

You know what I mean when a Christmas Tree just glows!
Or even those ones that look like they could sit in the window at Harrods they are that flawless.

Despite the misconception, a glamorous and department store worthy tree doesn’t have to come at an expensive cost. Nor does it have to be confined to stores only. You can have your very own in your living room, if you just follow these simple steps on the decorations you need to ditch, or incorporate to make yours glow this Christmas!

– Glass Decorations – 
To give any tree the ultimate glow, use glass baubles. They are fantastic to bounce and reflect your Christmas tree lights and make your tree glow in light and class! You can find some gorgeous glass baubles in most Christmas sections, but I’ve found The Range have the most perfect selection, suitable for any colour scheme.

– Ditch the tinsel – 
I am a great lover of tinsel, there is no doubt about that. And granted, when my fiancée announced our tree would have no such thing, I was devastated. However, as soon as we started doing our tree, I realised, annoyingly, he was right and it was the best decision.

Ditching the tinsel and using beads instead will not only mark your tree glow, but make it that little more classy looking too. Keep the tinsel for other areas of the property.

– Make sure you have enough lights – 
One of the biggest mistakes we can make when decorating our tree, is not using enough lights to fully illuminate your tree. Leaving unlit clusters within your tree can create real voids and lose some of the limited space you have to showcase your decorations. 

Here’s to December the 1st, the day we all put up our Christmas trees and prepare and celebrate Christmas!!

What colour will your tree be this year? 

What do you put on your tree? 

Let me know and comment below!