Being DIY Safe*

With a new year on the horizon, many of us will shortly be thinking of the upcoming year and what that may entail. A new home, addition to the family, new car or even re-decorating. All exciting stuff don’t you agree?

Whatever we embark on in 2018, it’s vital we ensure we and our possessions are safe! I’ve collaborated with Slater Gordon Lawyers, for their #Mysenseofsafe campaign,to bring you ways to stay safe in 2018, in any venture you embark on!

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Your home

It’s your space where you unwind, relax and spend time with family and friends. It holds some of your most prized and valuable possessions too. So if anything was to happen to it, it could be utterly devastating, heartbreaking and life-changing. To limit the chances of having to go through such a ordeal, here are some things to check, change or invest in to make your home safe, secure and protected!

Make sure your fire alarms are well and working. Maybe even invest in a heat alarm for your kitchen if you are prone to burning the odd slice of toast. Be sure to check your fire alarms once a month.

Gas Safety

Gas really is a silent killer, so its soooo important to keep yourself protected, including gas alarms and regular boiler checks. Be sure to get your boiler serviced annually, and call for advice and support if you worried in regards to your boiler and it’s performance.

Home security

Keeping your home safe whilst your home and away can be pretty easy, if you are well equipped. Ensure your property is armed with the right security including 6 point locking systems and burglar alarms.

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The New year can spell a time of DIY and decorating. Improving your home can be exciting, yet tiring. But it’s mightily important to keep yourself safe during the process, since injury can slow down the whole process!

Ladders Be sure to keep yourself safe when using ladders by following the set-up guidelines. Do not over stretch yourself and have someone footing the ladder at all times. Do not set up your ladder on a uneven surface including wet and slippery surfaces.


Wear goggles at all times to protect your eyes from any flying bits. Be sure to make sure the drill is unplugged when not using to limit the risk of any injury.

Whether you plan to make some drastic cosmetic changes to your property, or just want to clean your guttering, be sure to have someone help.

Keep your property safe and secure with some minor adjustments like locks and alarms.

Are you going to be doing any work to your home in 2018? Any advice you have for someone who is going to be improving? Let me know and comment below!