Fashion | Four Jean styles you need to have in your wardrobe !!

Fashion | Four Jean styles you need to have in your wardrobe !!

Everyone loves having a pair of jeans, or four! Or maybe even 42, if like me, you are obsessed with them!! 

Honestly, my fiancée mocks and gets frustrated with how many pairs I seem to have and accumulate!

But with so many different styles and varieties out there, it can be hard to decide which jeans to buy. 
Since I seem to have every style you can imagine, I’ve narrowed them down to the four jean styles everyone needs to have in their wardrobe, for every type of occasion and weather!
Check out my picks down below!
Skinny Fit |
Skinny jeans are a timeless classic that go well with just about everything. The aim of this style is to really hug your legs. As a result, you can really show off toned legs, curves, and the bum. 
Some people can have comfort issues with skinny jeans, but there’s a couple of things to remember when shopping for you next pair. 
Buy high-waisted skinny jeans. They’re designed to rise up high on your waist, making the fit much more comfortable. 
Buy stretchy jeans. These are skinny jeans designed in a more stretch material, giving you more comfort when you wear them. This is a godsend and works out much more comfortable!
Ripped | 

Some people think that this style is a little bit scruffy, but they’re usually middle-aged and not quite up to speed with the latest fashion trends. It’s usually murmured straight after, ‘ you have a hole in your jeans’ jibe that they all believe they are the first to have said!  

The fact is, ripped jeans are in and have been in for quite some time. When worn with the right outfit, they don’t look scruffy at all and can really complete your look. Granted, not the ideal style for more formal occasions, but still worthy of making it in your wardrobe.
Distressed |
Distressed jeans are perfect for people that just can’t quite commit to the full-on ripped look. The style is similar, but the rips aren’t fully ripped, they’re a little bit more subtle. To be honest, the only real way to describe them is that your jeans look distressed! It’s as though they’ve been through a lot and are on their way to ripping, but there are no holes or tears just yet. Again, a wonderful look to go with a casual outfit, perfect when matched with a bomber jacket.
The Mom jean |
If you don’t know what Mom jeans are then you’ve missed out on one of the big fashion trends of the last year. This style is the complete opposite of the skinny fit jeans we kicked this post off with. 
Here, the idea is to be very relaxed and comfortable in your jeans. They’re a little bit looser, but not completely baggy like flares. There’s still a hint of snugness to the fit, particularly around your bum. But, the overall fit is very relaxed, making it the perfect style when you know you’re wearing your jeans all day long. At times, you forget you’re even wearing jeans. They come in many varieties too, high waisted being my fave.
Jeans are such a great fashion item to own as they go with all sorts of outfits. You can bring them on holiday with you, wear them out to dinner, a coffee date, or even to the club. 
With these four different styles, you’ll have a pair to match any outfit in your wardrobe.
What’s your favourite style of jean?
How many pairs do you have?
Let me know in comment section below!
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