Fashion | How to keep it sexy and modest with short dresses*

Fashion | How to keep it sexy and modest with short dresses*

There is always a time when we would like to look both sexy yet modest, but it can be really hard to strike a good balance. Prom or any formal event is the prime time of wanting this perfect balance.

But there are a few tricks of the trade that can help conduct the perfect balance. 

So whether you are going to prom, or that summer wedding you want to look good for, I’ll give you hints and tips that will help you spot the right dresses that are sultry enough without being too over the top, whatever the occasion.

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Remember: Style is everything |  With the shorter assemble, you will be bearing your legs. Since you’re showcasing your legs, you really shouldn’t skimp on other areas of the dress. Don’t go with a low cut at the cleavage, nor a dress with cut out features. Conceal some of your skin with a round or high neck. A shorter two-piece dress with t-shirt sleeves and beautiful fabric can give that touch of class your looking for.

Don’t go overboard | It’s good to note that short can be formal. Shorter formal and prom dresses are very much on trend and can look very classic, when accessorized correctly.
Dress up you shorter gown with traditional and simple accessories. Consider some plain black pumps or heels, with subtle jewellery, bags and a tidy hairstyles to keep things formal. Messy hair and striking make-up can either look too casual or out out ready!

Just remember, keeping things simple is the fast-route to classy and modest.

Keep it classic | Remember you always go for the classy option with short dresses. That means fabrics, any embellishments and the style itself is crucial. Check out various guides online as it will help and ensure you are on trend whilst keeping modest with your shorter prom gown.

So, it’s not all about the length that can make or break a dress. It is more important to take note of the smaller details when it comes to shorter prom gowns. This way you will get the best overall look and be the picture of class and elegance when you go to the prom.

You heading somewhere that a shorter dress would be perfect? 
Have any tips for anyone wanting a shorter dress? 
Let me know and comment below!! 

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