Lifestyle | Practical everyday stress relief in the workplace*

Lifestyle | Practical everyday stress relief in the workplace*

There is probably a fair bit of advice on dealing with stress out there on the internet, but many people just go off on a tangent on self-improvement and working on the inner you. While that in itself has merit, a lot in fact, it often does not communicate very well to the average person. People who lead busy lives, with busy schedules often tend to look for more practical and tangible solutions, ones they can start implementing into their life as soon as possible, and with near-instant effects.

Of course, there is no magical cure-all for everyone’s problems and well being, but there are ways to get started, with it being encouraging enough to keep you going. No one likes not having their carrot on a stick too far away to even see it, so let’s look at a few practical ways in which you can start feeling better day by day in the comfort of your workplace.

Work smart, not hard |

This varies widely depending on the kind of work you do, so there is no clear-cut way of going about this, but let’s bring up a few examples. L
et’s say you work with spreadsheets a lot, Excel is your go-to working program, and you use it all the time. Instead of struggling with it every day, take one day of the week to sit down and learn some things about it after work. Some shortcuts, tips n tricks, how to streamline your workflow, you can find those kinds of articles and tutorials all over the internet.

Let’s assume a different scenario, you’re managing a company of sorts, either as the owner or the manager, and the computers keep breaking, most probably due to the incompetence of your staff. Instead of going around and bothering the one technically literate person in the building, find out just how much an IT consultancy can help you with technology issues, it will save you both time, and stress.

Of course, these are all rather specific examples, but you get the general idea. Investing a little bit of time or money for a longer stress-free period, or at least an easier one, is almost always worth it.

Have a reasonable approach to work | Whenever some people go into work, they feel like they must be on 100%-efficiency mode at all times, and if they stand for a second too long taking a breather, they are going to either get fired of bring forth the fall of the company.

On the other hand, there are some which laze about the whole day, and have a reputation that they cannot be relied on. Now, if you are working for someone, chances are you want to be more towards the hard-working side of the spectrum, but just to the point where you get everything done in a timely manner, without putting too much of your mental health on the line. After all, chances are the Christmas bonus just is not worth spending the whole year sweating and out of breath. As long as all your work is done, try and have a relaxed and reasonable approach to work.

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