Pimp your office*

 You’ve probably heard it all before about making your office stand out, but if you get the chance to make your office look and feel fantastic, you should grab the chance with both hands. 
Most office owners choose neutral, clean and minimalist décor, but often this can be translated as, well, boring!
A fancy desk, an ergonomic chair with built-in massage machines and wireless photocopiers may sound fancy, but it’s not going to magically transform your office and make it look great. Part of your vision should include being creative, but if this doesn’t translate into your workspace, people are going to think you’re as boring as your office looks. Sprucing up your workplace isn’t just for you, either. Think about the people who spend time in your office – your employees. Google has it down when it comes to employee satisfaction, and you can look here at how their office design takes the cake when it comes to employee engagement. 
Whether you own your own office at home or elsewhere, these tips will help any office transform from a dull space to a vibrant, expressive one.  
See It 
Your office should reflect your brand. If your brand colours are bright and pop, your office should too. 
You want clients and those a like to walk into your office and be impressed. This means making your office stand out, from bright artwork, carpets and rugs to desks with built in tablet chargers. If your office is usually an open plan space, you should look at these soft partition walls for a little magic and privacy for each team. You can be flexible about where you place them, and they really catch the light. This means your office can be as bright and shiny as you want it to be.

Feel It 
Your office should feel fantastic in its atmosphere as you walk in the door. Whether this means installing Denmanair air conditioning or including a comfy sofa and soft furnishings, you need to be able to feel comfortable in your office. 
Make your furniture ergonomic and comfortable, and make sure every workstation is tailored to the individual sitting at it, including yourself. Your offices should be comfortable, and this means guests as well. Complimentary coffee machines and squashy sofas rather than paid-for water coolers and benches are far more inviting.

Work It 
If you have a big enough office space and the building you are renting from doesn’t have a gym, you should install your own. People need to keep moving to keep motivated and active and pull themselves out of a lull during the day. 
If space is limited, these bicycle foot rests under the desks will help anyone keep active whilst working. A midday jog is always another alternative and a great way to clear anyones head half way through a working stint.
So whether you have a little office in the comfort of your home, a exterior office at the end of the garden, or rent a space in town, these tips will be sure to help you create the perfect space and atmosphere from creativity and productivity. 
What do you have in your office? 
What would you look to incorporate? 
Let me know in the comment section below! 

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