Redesign your own blog*

There will come a time in your blogging lifetime when you look at your website and wonder whether you could start all over again from the beginning and make it look brand new. Redesigning your blog is a big task and it can take months of planning, creating and laying out the website.

If you feel like you want to kick of with a new you, then take a look at some of the points to consider.

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Less is more

When you look at your marketing strategy and how you want to present it on your website, you want to take care not to be one of those sites that floods the screen with 100 pop ups within 5 seconds.As a reader, there is nothing worse that closing a tonne of pop-ups, or struggling to find the content you were after.

As you think out your design, bear in mind that you need a good balance between your advertising to make you money, vs the content you are providing. Avoid being spammy . Remember to bear in mind your audience when you design you blog.

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For Mobile

When you look at designing your new blog, remember to keep in mind that it must be responsive on mobile devices. Considering over half of all internet users will carry around a phone with them at all times, you want to make sure that your website is fully optimized for use on this platform.

Consulting a design agency such as Graphic Evidence can help you to figure out if you can improve your website at all to make it easier for mobile users to navigate it.

Modern is In

Keep in touch with what style is popular in the current blogging world. For example, the designs have gone from simple to very visual in the past few years. Animated sliders and huge banner images are popular because people love to see great photography on a blog.

Brush up on your photography skills and take some shots of products or scenery to add to your blog’s homepage to make it really stand out from the crowd.

You’ll notice on wordpress themes that a lot of them focus on imagery. Just look at how popular Instagram has become in the last few years. Make sure that you learn how to do flatlays and that the content you share on your blog is visually pleasing and grabs the reader’s attention.

Having a banner with a featured post is a great way to manage your blog and make sure people who click through will stay and read your content.

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Stay true to you

Above all you need to make sure your website is like an extension of your personality. You want to keep the design fitting with who you are and choose colours which you feel represent you in the best way.

Pick a few colours and test them together to see if they will work- and make sure you stick to these colours throughout your design. You can look for a unique pantone colour to really stand out.