Time to Chat | When is the best time to pluck up conversation with a Badoo match?

We have all been on the dating apps at one stage or another. And we have to admit, they are fun, quirky and a great way to meet fellow singletons in the comfort of your own home. Many people have even met their long-term partners on apps just like Badoo.

With over 364 million users worldwide, there is plenty of potential matches to sink your teeth into. No need to go looking snazzy in a nightclub, switch on your dating app, whilst in your pants if you like and get scrolling through endless streams of single’s waiting for your match! Learn their likes, dislikes and personality within their profile, and decide!!

Sounds pretty easy right? Well it is. Until you match…..

What do you say? When do you say it? Do you wait for them to contact you? Do you go for a cheesy chat up line?
Thing is, there is no perfect timing on when to pluck up the courage and get the conversation going, but here’s a couple of tips on what to say and when to say it, when you’ve made what seems the perfect match on Badoo.

Before you do anything in the way of messaging, double, triple check their profile. Make sure this is the kind of person you want to be talking to. Check to see if they have a blue tick verification, since this means their profile has been verified against a mobile number and social media profile. Verified accounts also means their a profile picture has been checked against a in app picture taken recently. No more catfishing!

Now you’ve checked them out properly, lets get to the nitty gritty of chatting. 

Early Riser | If you want to get in early, message as soon as you have matched. Some may think it looks keen, but this is the prime time your match will get a notification you’ve matched, plus shows you’re interested, and it wasn’t just a accidental pairing so to speak.
Take the opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself respectively!

Play it cool | If you’d feel more comfortable leaving it a bit before you jump right in, leave it a couple of days. Once you’ve left it a little while, why not ask simple questions like, ‘How was your weekend’, or even ‘Have you got much planned for the weekend’. It’s being inquisitive and interested without being creepy and over the top. Plus, if you wait, they might beat you to the punch and start the conversation first!

Don’t be playing those late night, 3am drunk messages. You really don’t want to be putting off a potential partner by your vodka induced corny messages. Complete and utter turn off!!

Don’t be double messaging neither, since you have just 2 chances to send a message if you haven’t matched. It’s great news if you’re receiving unwanted attention, since no reply means the messenger is blocked from sending on further messages.

Don’t leave it too long. Leaving it too long cold result in your match finding someone else. On the other side, your match may notice you haven’t initiated a conversation and see that as a sign you’ve either changed your mind or made a mistake. There is a very thin line between leaving it a good amount of time, and leaving it far too long!

Remember not to take it tooo seriously. Whilst you are there to potentially meet that life long partner, make sure you have fun with meeting and conversing with people you may have never met if it wasn’t for such apps like Badoo.

Keep real personal details to the conversations with your matches, and be sure to play around with various features Badoo has to offer like messaging and even video calling! It’s such a easy and natural way to get to know someone before making that large leap and meeting them face to face, all in the safety of your own home!

So whether you are newly single, or would prefer to try something different to find ‘the one’, dating apps like Badoo are the way to go. With an abundance of safety in photo verification and verified profiles, you can be sure on who you’re speaking to!

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