Travel | Cold To Cosy – An Icebound Adventure

Travel | Cold To Cosy –  An Icebound Adventure

A good holiday for most of us is a jolly warm location, teaming with sunshine, pools, beach and sand. Not forgetting the cocktails and ice creams of course!

So, choosing to spend your precious holiday somewhere cold isn’t an idea most will consider! It’s such a shame, considering there is so much fun to be had in locations of cold, including getting cosy and warm!

The Benefits Of A Cold Break away

Warmth: Whilst none of us love being cold, since it can suck, you have to admit, when you finally get warm, it’s such an amazing feeling! Blankets, a cosy nook and a rapid fire is the perfect way to get warm, in the comfort of a luxurious hotel. Admire the falling snow, with fluffy socks and layers of jumpers. If this is not the perfect reason to go away to the cold, what is?
Activities: While going somewhere very hot is a nice idea, it can make it very hard to enjoy the break you have. Whilst the heat can turn your skin bronze, and come on we all want that, It also makes us sweaty messes with little to no energy to do anything but make sure we are fully hydrated. Being somewhere cold makes is soo much easier to stay active and enjoy the time you have as much as you can. Snow fights, skiing or even snowboarding. All very active and strenuous but it will be a miracle to break a sweat!


Beauty: And the best benefit of all to a colder location! You will often find that locations that bear the cold are the most beautiful there are. Combining mountains, lakes, and snow-topped trees, you will be in for a visual treat when you go on a trip like this.

Places To Go

France | For a lot of people, France will be an obvious option when they’re thinking about travelling somewhere cold. A resort like Chalet Lapin Blanc in Meribel could be the perfect way to get yourself active with some skiing while also spending your time in luxury. There are loads of places like this, and most of them will accept very late bookings; this means that you may be able to get there in time for Christmas!!


Sweden | For a long time, Sweden has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With a nice mix between unique and shared history, this place is great for those looking for some culture. Bear in mind, a lot of Sweden is very industrial, so you’ll need to plan your trip wisely if you want to avoid these areas.


Alaska | Despite its size, Alaska is one of the only states in the US to have almost total coverage by national parks. Recognized as an area of outstanding natural beauty, even the big businesses can’t get their teeth into this place. Helicopter tours are very common, and you may even get to ride on a husky sledge, you’ll just have to find someone who can help you out with it.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to throw away your old ideas about travel, distancing yourself from the idea that you have to go somewhere warm for your break.
Instead, with the right time and effort, it should be easy to break the mould on your trip, choosing to go somewhere you’d never have thought about before.
Have you been somewhere cold for your year holiday?
Anywhere take your fancy?
Let me know and comment below!

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