Twenty Eighteen | A New Chapter

Hello pals, and warm welcome to 2018.

This post, among others, has been scheduled for the big break, for the change.

Yes, change! Starting with my blog!!!!

I have been here for 2 years and following on from my slow and steady progress, I thought it time to spread my wings.

A life of a Charlotte is coming to a close and Charlotte – Nichole is being born.
I have been plodding along for the last 2 years, finding my feet and voice upon my blog. I have found myself much more comfortable in my writing style and what I want to convey on my site. With that in mind and the real direction I feel I am currently heading, I spent the last 3 months of 2017 focusing on what I wanted for my online future – ekkkkk!!

It all started with wanting to ‘grow up’ online. I felt A life of a Charlotte had become a little immature for me. In 2018 I am to become someone’s wife and be a true adult (gulp)!! I wanted my online space to reflect the new change and my soon to be lifestyle of a wife and possibly one day a mother.

Whilst I am neither of those things yet, I could see myself using my website for all those things and more in the future, and A life of a Charlotte, I felt, didn’t offer me really flexibility.

With that came my name and brand change.

I am Charlotte Nichole. I actually have two middle names and a surname that will soon be no more. I wanted me to be on my website more than ever, and where better to start than using my actual name!

Then came the freedom and flexibility of being self-hosted and on WordPress. I had actually several years ago made the migration from wordpress to blogger (stupidly), because I couldn’t be asked to keep up with the fashions. But since finding my groove in blogging, I wanted to make the change back and have complete freedom and creativity online.

And then came the history. I still wanted to have the feel of my previous site, including content. I won’t be changing my content topics, since that’s what I am, but I will be exploring new content ideas and platforms for sure! I will also be incorporating a theme every month. Whilst I will be blogging varied topics over the year and months, I plan to have a recurring theme through a month. There will be a plan of this posted shortly, so you can anticipate what to expect on Charlotte – Nichole!

Whilst the change may not have happened justttt yet, it will be over the coming days. You may notice my name change on Instagram, pinterest, twitter on Facebook, but other than that not a lot else will. All my links will still work, and my old URL will direct you to my brand new spanking website!

So what’s next? Well, I have loadssss of content ready and waiting for the whole of January. Plus my newsletter will be happening every month like clockwork. To find out the content I have been loving from fellow bloggers from across the web, and people you should follow, be sure to subscribe!

PLUS, there will be a give-away to celebrate the new era and move, and will be live as soon as the new website goes live!!

I am so excited for the new wave of my blog and the birth of Charlotte Nichole. I hope you continue to join and support me on my journey. 
Thank you so much for all your support so far and I hope you stick with me.