Twenty Eighteen Travel Bucket List

Did you know, I get married in a little over 5 months?? I am kidding, because of course you know, I talk about it every second breath! Since we are actually getting married this year, and towards the latter part of the year, will be no longer saving for it, we have decided we will take full advantage of getting away as much as possible. With that in mind, and our honeymoon ruddy booked, here’s our Travel Bucket list, 2018 edition.


Whilst it’s not travelling to anywhere exotic, one of my first stops in my travel bucket list is London. And this time is a complete mystery as to what will be happening as it is fact for my hen do!! I will be exploring and enjoying the capital with my nearest and dearest gal pals and honestly I cannot wait! 16 Hens in London in May. Watch out if you’re around!!!

Aside from the Hen Do, me and Ali do plan to head to London to watch a Basketball game or two . The London Lions are the closest league team to us, and we just fancy seeing some home sport.

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Koh Samui

I am sooo excited that we are off to Koh Samui on our first leg of our honeymoon!! I am sooo stoked and have been wanting to head off to Thailand for years. The fact we get to do it for our honeymoon makes it even better!! We have the most gorgeous hotel booked for our stay, but as always have plenty in mind to get out and explore!

Here’s a couple of things we have ear marked for our honeymoon!

Na Mueang-1 Waterfall  | Wat Plai Laem  | Ko Taen | Wat Phra Yai | Secret Buddha Garden


On our second leg of our honeymoon we are heading to Singapore for 5 days. Once again, this is somewhere me and my fiancée have been wanting to head to in forever, and the fact we could pencil it in for the honeymoon was even better! Just like Koh Samui, we have a gorgeous room booked, but we have soo much we want to enjoy and take a look at.

Here’s what we are pencilling in.

Universal Studios | Night Safari, Singapore | Gardens by the Bay | Singapore Zoo

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Disneyland Paris

I will admit, I have been a fair few times and can never get enough! However my fiancée has never been and it’s my sole mission to get him there. He refused to entertain the idea for some time, since he believed it’s best to go with kids. But since I am a adrenaline junkie, and he is too, I have managed to convince him and see the true potential of us going alone together.

I am sooo excited to get him into the world of Disney and for us to act like real kids!! Hopefully we will head out Halloween time, which is a time I have never enjoyed Disney before!

New York

This has been something me and fiancée have been discussing for what seems forever. And in turn been on our 2018 travel bucket list since last year!!

We are rather big basketball fans, well him more than me, and so we really want to see some NBA games. We planned to go to Boston to see the Celtics play (his team). But unfortunately the wedding sapped all the money and no budget allowed us the trip. Sooo we thought we’d go one better. Spending our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs in the magical city of New York, and hopefully catching one or two basket ball games whilst we are there.

I am sooo excited to spend Christmas away from home for the first time ever. Whilst it will be a little strange, it will be lovely to spend it somewhere totally different, and magical in it’s own right. We plan to stroll through Central Park in the snow (hopefully), obviously climb the Empire State. Ice skate under the Rockafella tree, and visit Ellis Island. There will of course be some Christmas shopping in between. And Christmas Day will include as much time in the City as possible!

Excited doesn’t quiet catch it!

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2018 is hopefully going to be a jammed packed one. With sooo much booked, planned and scheduled throughout the year, I have never been soo eager to get started on a whole year.

Have you been to any of these places?

Do you have places you think we should explore? 

As always, share your thoughts on the comment section below! 

Charlotte x