Six Months before the wedding

Hay pals! I have 6 months before my wedding! *Gulp*. It’s been a fair while since I settled down and poured my heart into a post.

Not that I don’t in every post, but personally.

I don’t share my personal little updates in every post because damn, you’d be bored, and well sick of me! So what’s been going on? Besides blogging becoming bloody hectic because hey, I’m getting some great oppertunities and loving creating flatlays and good pictures, not alot.

Except getting ready for our wedding that seems to be just 6 months away, despite it only feeling like yesterday when I posted this little number, One year to go!

Although there has been a further 6 months into planning, not much has happened and bloody hell am I angy at myself.

I have been putting off bits and pieces for so long, it’s getting ridiculous. So where actually am I? Well…..

Food tasting booked

This has been booked for a couple of months now and thank god! Unfortunatly we will be making a decision on what our guests will decide on just 4 months before the wedding, so we have been getting all invites drafted and ready to print. Once we have tasted and made a decision, the invites will be off to print and sent. It will be all systems go fairly quickly!

Evening reception invites dispatched next week

Since the evening guests have no food to decide, and none of them recieved a Save the Date, we want to give our evening guests as much as notice as possible. Again, the invites have been drafted and are off to print as we speak. As soon as they’re delivered, they will be sent to our guests! I am sooo excited since this is the start of the final process before the day!

Guest list finalised

As you can imagine, the guest list has now been finalised thanks to getting the evening reception invites printed and the ceremony guest list being finalised for invite numbers. It’s nice to know how many we will be hopefully seeing on our special day!

Wedding dress collected & at my parents!

Yup, its actually mine and my god am I panicky Im about to put on like 20pounds. But the fact I have it ahead of time, and the dress fitting for alterations is pencilled in, I know there’s time!

Bridesmaid dresses purchased

I was sooo happy with the bargain I managed to grab for 5 bridesmaid dresses! Thanks to Black Friday sales, they came out at just £40 each and my god they are perfect. The colour I always wanted and they look stunning on! I can’t wait to see the girls in them on the day!

Suit shopping scheduled

My fiancee has been a little reluctant to get going on this, but there’s no hiding now! He’s finally penciled in a time to head on out for the perfect suit. No hiring here, since he’s hopefully going for a smart casual look!

Hunt for the wedding rings : ON!

This just started the other weekend and my god, who knew wedding ring hunting would be soo damn hard! I am desperate to find something that matches my engagement ring, and that’s proving much more difficult than I had anticipated!

Honeymoon – altered and happy.

Yup – altered! Unfortunatly for us, the budget is being a little blown out of the water, and something had to give. Buttt, the slight alterations we have made have meant we get longer away, a nicer more private hotel, and some extra breathing room budget wise for the rest of the wedding! Now, get me on that beach!!

Gift list – constantly changing

Another, who knew this would be so hard job, that honestly is sooo god damn hard. Firstly it’s choosing the right company to use, and then it’s putting gifts actually on it! Anyone else feel awful about putting items over £50 on it?

Hen & Stags all booked

Yes yes yes! Soo happy to announce that both stags and hens are booked with little to no organisation on neither mine or my fiancee’s part! Sooo nice to have something planned neither of us know about, but can get damn excited for. As always, I have 2 activities, one a weekend away in London, nothing else known, and the other a rather sophisticated bridal shower at my parents house. Would like to think it won’t be too sophisticated mind!

Still to do :

Be interviewed by the registrar

Make-up & hair trials

Start making favours and all flower arrangements

Organise a playlist

Pick a set list for our band

Choose readings for the ceremony and who’s going to read them!

Pick jewellery

Andddd right now I cannot think of anything else since my head is a whirlwind and every dream I seem to have involves the wedding in one form or another! I have a feeling these next 6 months are going to fly by and in no time I will be blubbering it is all over. Lets hope that happens on a beach with a cocktail to hand!

Charlotte x